Adventures in Equestria (OOC and Rules)

Started by Rush of MLP, 2014 Jun 10, 15:46:27

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Rush of MLP

2014 Jun 10, 15:46:27 Last Edit: 2014 Jun 10, 16:25:39 by Rush of MLP
Here is where you can talk about things Out of Character (OOC) for the roleplay "Adventures in Equestria".


You may start in any part of Equestria, but you are not guaranteed interaction at first.

Please give a brief description of where you are in your first post. This is just to clear up any confusion as to where you are starting off.

Don't just bounce into an adventure if it is not realistic or appropriate to do so (Ex. At a high point, or climax, of action; at a location that is hard to get to that you didn't work your way to yourself; etc.). If you work your way in, it's fine.

One does not simply teleport very large distances. Please be reasonable when you travel a great distance; realize that it takes time to get from one place to another, and tell us how you got there.

Please follow the forum rules!

Lastly, the Golden Rule of any roleplay: [I]Have Fun![/I]

(Rules may be subject to change as the need arises.)
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Rush of MLP

I think a simple introduction of our characters would do. Nothing too long, just a short description of the character (i.e. appearance), what the character is doing, and where the character is in Equestria. After a couple of characters are introduced, I, or we, can come up with the first main plot.


 :I well this sucks im very sorry to note ill will not be here for a whole 6 weeks starting 5 of july i wish things could be differnt but the c.s.t.c awaits (a military training base)  ono


I will not be active for this week, i've been having some problems this past 2 weeks, but i hope that i can sort things out in the first week of july, i wll join then.
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Rush of MLP

Rush of MLP

Hey everyone, would any of you mind if I introduced the first main adventure around page five? I say this point because I would like for everypony to get an idea of who everyone is and such.



Sure! I was about to ask when the adventure will start anyway xD
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Doomato and the Transportal have been introduced so I have no objections.

Rush of MLP

2014 Jul 08, 12:12:02 #11 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 08, 12:17:15 by Rush of MLP
Ok, when we get majority on when we think we'll start the adventure, I will post a basic idea of what's going on here in the OOC. I may even post a few adventure plans so that we can all vote on them.

I'll try to let this roleplay remain a democratic system with certain events as I can, but with some things, such as smaller obstacles and other less important things, we will all have some control over, so long as it fits where we are and what we were doing beforehand. This being said, I would like to ask if you would all give a short in-roleplay OOC comment (it doesn't have to be in this thread) that gives the rest of us an idea of what you're going to put us up against to make sure that noone has a problem with it.

And do note, I haven't been commenting with Rush for a reason. Unless y'all mind, I thought it would be interesting if he did something to trigger the first adventure from "The Castle of the Two Sisters".

If none of you mind, I would also like you to post here what "class" or "classes" your character would be under in the group. Though classes won't be something that I plan on expanding upon, I would just like to know in a word or two what your abilities place you under. (Rush, for example, would be under a class like Illusionist/Distraction because of his skills with illusions.)


my oc is a paladin healing spells , defense spells and melee is his forte


Sharp Sight is a ranger/rogue. He focuses on sneaking behind the enemies and sniping them. One of the more sketchy parts of his back story is that he's from 1000 years ago and used to be a guard in the Castle of the Two Sisters. He was a Lunar Night Guard.


Melchiorre is a rogue as well, preferring stealth over open combat.


2014 Jul 09, 11:43:49 #15 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 11, 16:49:16 by Doomato
Doomato's quite the engineer; he erects wonderous contraptions and machines, e.g. golems, with almost anything. He forges clever traps and defensive machinery. He may seem like a spontaneous idiot but, in truth, he's a genius. He may also appear to be aggressive to "friends" but he'll always use some kind of contraption to save their lives and with an extra, "Zeeblezooble!"

Zander Slade

Despite being a Pegasus, steam doesn't fly much(Except when in a hurry), even when adventuring he sometimes forgets about flight, in battle, he stays on the ground and acts the role of a tank. He doesn't want to see anyone else get hurt, so he takes all the hits, and constantly aggros the enemy to himself through insults, and some cheap tricks.

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