Singing Auditions! CLOSED NOW

Started by HerpyDooves, 2014 May 29, 20:25:57

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2014 May 29, 20:25:57 Last Edit: 2014 May 29, 21:27:47 by HerpyDooves
I'm currently in the making of a song! I have everything I need... except for a singer! I'll be taking auditions until Sunday, June 1st.

Sorry guys, but I'd prefer a female singer (unless you change my mind). All I need you to do to audition is to post a link with you singing (no download links. Youtube and soundcloud only (unless you have another method of presenting you beautiful voice!))

Thanks for reading! And I hope you apply! :3

EDIT: Sorry for the early close, but my mind has been made up! ^-^

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