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Started by Rush of MLP, 2014 May 28, 21:30:30

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That is looking amazing, but either the legs have to be a bit thicker or the neck a bit shorter, because its looking a little weird atm, I don't want to offend you since I am glad when people try new things, because it takes me a year to even consider that x3
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Rush of MLP

I'm not offended at all. In fact, I appreciate the criticism. I'll try to fix that next time I draw something. Thank you for your input!


I agree with Naura.

Rush of MLP

I went back to the original image and I think I fixed it.

Spoiler: New Art Style (Fixed) • show

Let me know what you think.


Oh, that's better. Nice job :D

Rush of MLP

I thought it might be neat to veer away from a brighter mood and maybe draw Rush in his battle-ready stance.

Spoiler: Prepared for a Fight • show


He is here to collect our souls... o_O
Ps. Nice job! It looks awesome.

Rush of MLP

I was extremely happy about how this one turned out, especially considering I started it a week or two ago, then put down my sketch pad and forgot about it...


you are doing a great job with the work and practice, i hope you get plenty of support as you continue to improve because every artist has been where you are with drawing, and you can only get better with every drawing, it honestly brings me back when i started drawing be happy with each and every drawing i did. \\

keep it up!
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Soooo cute! I should do more mlp art!
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My Pony Art, I love drawing, I might do drawings for people some day.


You are very talented! I love your artwork!!  :D

Rush of MLP

Heh, it's been a while.

Well, here's a little thing I did when I ran out of stuff to do a few days ago.

Spoiler: Pixel Rush • show

And I know his other two legs aren't visible, but that was because he was standing flat against the background and the legs that were visible were blocking them from view.


:3 that's very cute but I think his body outline is too dark.


What happend to the art of me and Check looking through a window, spying on you and Rosie? Just want to ask :P
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Rush of MLP

I kinda wanted to color that before I actually posted it here, but I never got the proper tools to do so... And I kinda forgot about it for a while. Heh heh... Oops  X3

Rush of MLP

2014 Sep 29, 17:36:23 #35 Last Edit: 2014 Sep 30, 23:12:03 by Rush of MLP
Here is a little celebratory doodle I did in about 15 minutes.

Spoiler: 17 Years to One • show

[B]*sigh*[/b] I turned seventeen a week ago tomorrow, and today was the day Rush came to be a year ago today. Because he is my Ponysona, he is the same age as me, which is why the cake has the 17 rather than 1.

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I decided to try to make a sad picture. To achieve this, I recorded a nightmare that Rush had and drew it. I hope y'all like it. ^-^

Spoiler: Rush's Nightmare • show

To anyone who doesn't get it, Rush (the crying character) lives in Everfree Forest, and typically becomes, or just is, cursed in most stories/roleplays he enters, which is represented by the dark figure.

Rush of MLP

Here's a picture of Rush in Autumn.

I don't think it is my best art, but it did come out better than I had expected it to.


It's not very autumny but it's cute  :3

Rush of MLP

2014 Nov 13, 14:41:00 #38 Last Edit: 2014 Nov 13, 14:43:01 by Rush of MLP
I got bored in a class the other day, so I tried something new with a style. It's not really pony related; it was a little bit of...

Spoiler: Something Different • show

... But it was still fun to draw.

Rush of MLP

I (finally) did another pony drawing of my four OCs, Illusive Valor (Rush), Frightful Night (Spook), Loving Mind, and Shamus Valor. I haven't colored it, but I'm not sure that I should.

Spoiler: show

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