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Started by ChibiGrrl, 2014 May 25, 01:24:55

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2015 Jul 03, 20:11:01 #80 Last Edit: 2015 Jul 06, 00:08:25 by ChibiGrrl
Quote from: City Lights on 2014 Sep 01, 18:45:45
Hullo~!! Here is my request for my OC, City Lights.

Type of Creature: My OC. (Profile picture.)
Choose Format: Colored. Look at my profile picture. :3
Choose Style: Anthro
Pose: You can choose.
*Accessories: Dark red scarf
*Extra markings: Three dark colored freckles next to eye.

^ CM is a city building split into four parts, each represents a different season.

Note: I kept having the nagging feeling I was always forgetting something, and found this request buried in my thread...  :o
@City Lights: I am so so sorry for keeping you waiting so long! I'll put you on the list right away, please forgive me...

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Here's your finished request Arcen, hope she looks the way you like. I also remembered her flowers~ :nod:

Spoiler: show


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw... ono

She looks so beautiful! Like, look how her mane came up so nicely!  :3

I thank you for your hard work immensely, Chibi! Now Sunny have finally sprouted into life!

Also, i hope you manage to stay on this business, for i think there'll be much people out there who will be satisfied as i am!  ;)

Cheers! o/

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 Name of Character - Lilian Blossom
Type of Creature (i.e. OC, Ponyfied character of "Blank", dragon, gryphon, zebra, bat-pony, etc.) - Pony OC
Choose Type - Original
Choose Art Style - Show quality?
Choose Format (if you choose Colored, please list the color scheme if unable to provide a pic) - Coloured
Appearance (any links or images you have, Pony Creator is fine too)
Spoiler: show

*Pose (if not listed, I'll just choose one myself) - Artist's choice :3
*Background (if not listed, it will just be a solid color) - None
*Accessories (headgear, clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc.) - lavender beanie
*Extra markings (scars, tattoos, etc.) - None ~


Aww, I'm so glad you love it Arcen. And thank you eternally for being so awesome about the long wait.  ^-^

@AnthroYuu: You have been added to the list~  :3   


Oops, I guess I waited too long to request. :] I'll wait until you have room on your list again.
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Heyo, it's Cheebs...

I'm not going to make much progress with requests in the next week. I promised a friend of mine I would paint some figurines for her before I head back home from North Carolina. (I may post pics if you want to see them later)

Sorry for the delay, I promise to work on them again as soon as I can. :nod:


*Bump* Just popping in for another update.  X3

Because my college courses are starting up again (on August 20th, to be precise), I will be closing this thread for a month.
I will either re-open this thread - if it's still here - or make a new request thread upon my return.

To @Grizzly @SparklestheUnicorn337 @City Lights @AnthroYuu and @PrincessButton - Important!

This does not mean that I have stopped working on your requests, it just means that I will not be able to upload your pieces while I'm away.
I ask for your patience, you're all wonderful people and I really want to finish my art for you guys.  <3

So that's it, I'm off to prepare for the next step in my journey. I hope to hear from you all again when I get back.  :D


awwkay~ No probs, i can wait~ The more i wait the more sweet it will be :D :D :D
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*bump* Another update...

Since this thread wasn't lost in the depths of the forums, I'll have no need to start a new one.
This means I'll have to make some alterations here (update art examples, fix spoilers, etc.)...

Important: For those of you waiting for art from me, I will be PMing you WIP Sketches (Work In Progress)
of your requested drawing. This is to be certain that you're getting what you ask for, a chance to make any changes/updates, or things like that.

These may take some time, since I have assignments to do this weekend.


Quote from: ChibiGrrl on 2015 Jun 30, 01:32:26
CrazymattCaptain, your OC is now complete! :D

I did de-saturate the colors a little to keep in more in show style, hope you don't mind... :ajshifty:

Spoiler: show

<3 love it! thanks!

and yeah the flat colors of my OC are quite bright and I always let the artist have a little freedom with how to make it look nice in their style.
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You're very welcome, I'm so glad you like it. :)


Changes Made:
1) Added a new style - lineless ponies!
2) Removed "Black and White" and "Shaded" formats

Update! Only two more weeks of classes and then I'll have a short break to tackle these requests on my list. Thank you all so much for your patience! <3


Changes Made:
1) Removed my old Anthro example to make a new revamped version.
2) Put City Light's request off to the side, only because it's been a few months since she's been active here and I want to finish the others on my list. (I know for a fact you other three are active here.)


I'm still active =3

Also, don't know about the others by i myself like the wait, i know that the longer i'll wait the sweeter it'll be!
The most common accident is the one noone expects.


@Grizzly It's finally dine, yay! I really hope you like it, sorry you had to wait so long... :ajshifty:

Spoiler: show


The most common accident is the one noone expects.



Important Notice!

After I finish up the requests on my list, I will be locking up this thread. This doesn't mean that I've stopped doing art, I'm just moving my main base of operations back to DeviantArt.
A link to my DA page will always be in the signature of my forum profile. If you'd like a request, you will be able to make one there.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have an awesome 2016!

Sincerely, Cheebs

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