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Started by ChibiGrrl, 2014 May 25, 01:24:55

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2014 May 25, 01:24:55 Last Edit: 2016 Feb 24, 18:12:41 by ChibiGrrl
I am shutting this down on account of my school and home life being very busy. All art requests will now be dealt through my DeviantArt.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Sincerely, Chibi

Hi ponies! Feel free to request drawings of OC's or "ponyfied" characters. Reference pics are always appreciated (even pony creator images) ^-^

Choose type of drawing: Original, Chibi, or Anthro

Choose a style: 1) Vector ("show style", takes longest to complete)
2) Hand Drawn (has black outlines)
3) Lineless (no outlines, just solid colors)

Choose a format: Full Color (colored w/ shading) or Flat Color (colored, no shading)

Finished requests will be posted here and on my DeviantArt (

Here's a form to make things simple: *=optional
Note: If you do not fill out the form given below, then I do not count it as a valid request.

Name of Character
Type of Creature (i.e. OC, Ponyfied character of "Blank", dragon, gryphon, zebra, bat-pony, etc.)
Choose Type
Choose Style
Choose Format (Please list the color scheme if unable to provide a pic)
Appearance (any links or images you have, Pony Creator is fine too)
*Pose (if not listed, I'll just choose one myself)
*Background (if not listed, it will just be a solid color)
*Accessories (headgear, clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc.)
*Extra markings (scars, tattoos, etc.)

Form Example in the Spoiler Below...
Spoiler: show
Name: Sweet Hoof
Type of Creature: OC
Type: Original
Style: 2
Format: Full Color
Appearance: [spoiler]

Cutie Mark:
Spoiler: show

Pose: Basic 3/4 turn
Background: your choice
Accessories: A red hoodie, like in the pic above[/spoiler]

Examples of my art:

Spoiler: show
My Ponysona - Original, Style 2, Full Color

Anthro Style Ref - Under Construction!

Chibi Style Ref - Coming Soon!

Color Styles Ref - Coming Soon!

Finished Requests - Opening through July 2015:
Spoiler: show
PlatinumJoystick OC Meme

PlatinumJoystick OC Gamer

PlatinumJoystick OC with popcorn

Greyscaleisme OC Charging

Zsaszz Ponyfied Big Boss

Radiovid Bat-Pony OC

Silverfan118's OC Silvia - Chibi, Style 1, Shaded

Checkmate's OC - Original, Style 1, Full Color

Yellowpikmin476's OC Doro - Anthro, Style 1 (black lines), Full Color

Takadaroba's OC - Original, Style 1, Flat Color

Naura's OC's Naura and Rapid Pulse - Chibi, Style 1, Flat Color

Doomato's OC - Original, Style 1, Full Color

CrazymattCaptain OC - Original, Style 1, Full Color

Arcen OC Sunny Day - Original, Style 1, Full Color

Finished Requests - Present:
Spoiler: show

Grizzly's OC Blue Scale (filly) - Original, Style 2, Full Color


Could I maybe have my OC drawn with shading?  X3
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That Sweeney Todd is really cool, really love that ponified version of one of the best and(dark themed) movies character that I saw. I will ask for a draw, but I never liked to bother someone, so I only say that i really liked that draw and the detail on it. ^-^
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Billow Pillow

2014 May 25, 10:05:42 #3 Last Edit: 2014 May 25, 10:07:45 by Billow Theory
I must admit that I am rather impressed with your drawings.  May I request a black and white drawing of my character Astor?
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May I ask what type of drawing you'd like Zsaszz? Perhaps I could ponyfy a favorite character of yours?  :D

If so, could you please leave a reference pic


How about Rainstorm? He's the one in my avatar! That picture covers his cutie mark, it's just a rain drop though!


I would request a shaded Zebra with a CM of a setting sun in a similar style to Zecoras in a standard pose, and a colored Bat Pony OC the CM for whom will be two bats with the moon in the background chilling in a tree.


Draw me a colored sheep OC. His name is Mortimier Talkabou.


2014 May 29, 13:56:43 #8 Last Edit: 2014 Jun 18, 12:00:48 by Silverfan118
hey, if it's not much trouble, and of course when your not so busy with requests, may have a chibi version of Silvia? She's the pony set as my avatar! ^^ the hair on my avatar may not be great, so if it confuses you, just draw it shoulder length  ^-^

EDIT: O.O just realised about this and that i removed the full body of my old avatar, of cource if you are still making the image, you can carry on, however if you're just starting it/it's in cue, here's the new image c: apologies for the trouble, i should start making the new design now, sorry if this confuses you! ^^;


Quote from: ChibiGrrl on 2014 May 25, 01:24:55
Spoiler: show
Zsaszz Ponyfied Big Boss [IMG][/img]

Wow Chibi that just let me speechless really  o_O, is so awesome  :3, the ponified Big Boss, in a ponified Salute pose, is just perfect, even got the FOX symbol on the beret, thats awesome, thanks  ^-^
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Now I wanna request :D My Oc Naura
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Ooh can I get a shaded request of my OC Ayffor Effort:
Spoiler: referererences • show

Thank you so much~
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This is for you, guys:
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May I request a colored version of my OC, Checkmate? 

He's a unicorn, color scheme is in my avatar.  I don't mind what pose he's in, and the only difference from my avatar is he wears glasses.  Since it isn't too visible, his cutie mark is a white knight chess piece.

Thank you for this!!


 :I darn i wish i had fond this before


New, better pic of Rainstorm! Would you draw him?


Whoa, those are awesome!
And yes I would Yellowpicmin, would you kindly fill out the form above please? :)
This way, I can keep the info organized ^^


Okay then, so I want it colored, and chibi style!


Hey Chibi!! Once you're free, do you think you could do a chibi Check?


Of course, once I finish my other requests.
Would you like Chibi-Check to be colored?? :D


:D  I'll say yes, even though there's little color involved. :P

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