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Started by Solaris1985, 2014 May 19, 21:45:09

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Name: Solar Guardian (Usually, Solaris)

Race: Unicorn Pony

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Occupation: Undercover Royal Guard

Personality: Solar Guardian is a very friendly (And often passive) pony who, despite her job, is often at home with her friends playing games. She's always looking out for everypony because of said job (Which she's happy with), but she's particularly defensive of her friends. She hates seeing other ponies in pain, especially anypony close to her, so she becomes more direct with protecting them when her friends are in danger. Although, even if that's the case, she doesn't usually fight anyone for the same reason: she hates seeing others in pain. Even when the situation goes south, if there's a nonviolent solution, she'll attempt to go through with it, only using force if there's no other option.

Talent: She specializes in elemental magic, able to use Light, Fire or Lightning in particular at a moments notice. She's also experienced with Healing magic, as she's needed patch herself up many times while training. She can also be quite perceptive, which lets her recognize possible mistakes with something by comparing what she sees with her own knowledge.

Appearance: She has a pure white coat and blue eyes. Her mane and tail seem to imitate the flames, colored blue and yellow with strips of red separating them. The cutie mark is, rather blatantly, the Light Medallion from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Spoiler: Bio (WIP) • show
  Solar Guardian was born with a fast learning ability, which her parents took as a blessing. She learned to speak (Though the skill was pointless at the time), to walk, and even to use magic much faster than the average unicorn.

  She thought about trying to create an orb made from her magic after only living two years. It was very small, about half the size of a base ball, disappearing seconds after it appeared. While she was disappointed by the size and lifetime of the orb, she didn't give up, as she had a strong feeling she could cast a bigger orb with practice. She looked at a list of magic types she found in one of her parents' books, then deciding to conduct research on elemental magic.

  Over six months, she read countless books about elemental magic, taking particular interest in light magic. After the months had passed, she decided to make an attempt at using light magic. Instead at starting with the basics, however, she went straight to creating a beam of magic. The only useful knowledge she had by then was the basics of magic and its uses, what she knew about elemental magic, and a general idea on how to manifest it in the first place. She tried many times, her magic always dissipating before she had enough to create the beam. She eventually gathered enough magic and fired it before it disappeared again. If you were there at the time, you'd see her face glowing with happiness, though it'd disappear soon after when she realized the beam looked extremely unstable.

  She continued her self-conducted studies the next day, though she now focused on three elements that she felt would work well with her: Light, Fire and Lightning. She would also occasionally try using the beam of light to see how much she's improved. A bit over a month later, the beam had become a bit bigger and a lot more stable compared to her first time. Due to this, she thought she was becoming more capable with light magic faster than with anything else, even the magic she was born with. Before going back to her research, she said something that, even now, she remembers, exactly how it was said back then: "Maybe... Maybe I was born with light magic." She also earned her cutie mark then, as if that sentence triggered its appearance. At the time, though, it had no color, but she didn't question it since she didn't know it's normally yellow.

  At some point during the next three weeks, however, her life would change drastically, as she wakes up in a different bed to different surroundings. She knew she was in her own bed the night before, so she had no idea what was going on. Despite being pretty much scared for her life, she got up and left the room, only to be hit by the realization: she wasn't in her own home anymore, but instead in a shelter for foals without a home. Luckily, one of the caretakers happened to be waiting for her, and told her that her parents were unable to care for her and left her here. At this point, she was in tears, though she wasn't crying uncontrollably. She was then told that her parents still love her, but she interrupted the caregiver from going any further by saying she already knew, adding that they wouldn't change that quickly. From here, the days went by quickly. She was still noticeably upset during the first few weeks, but besides that, nothing really stuck out to her.

  Once she was old enough, she went to a schoolhouse instead of learning at the orphanage, though she never knew how. This was her first real experience in the outside world, and she wasn't sure how to feel about it. Soon after reaching middle school, some of the students started picking on her. She usually avoids or ignores them, only pushing them away otherwise. Besides this, everything remained normal until 9th grade. By that time, she had became friends with another student, and they enjoyed each others company.

  But one day, she had a different kind of issue with the bullies. They threatened to hurt her friend if she didn't do something embarrassing. She directly refused, and they only teased her. While she did feel angry, it wasn't anything intense. However, it would soon become just that, as her rage suddenly explodes. She had no time to react as she shot multiple beams at the same time at each of the bullies, yelling something while doing so. "Get away from her!" She managed to stop herself before it could get worse, though the victims were already knocked unconscious. There was no permanent damage, but the injury was still visible, and it looked painful. She soon walked herself out the front entrance, sitting by the door with an expression of sadness and fear the whole time. Nopony approached her, and she left when school was out for the day like usual.

  For her, that was the end of the school year. Her memory has become clouded of what happened over the next month. Afterward however, she was taken in by a family. She can only remember that they also studied elemental magic like she did years ago, and enjoyed reading and learning with them.

  For once, everything was smooth. Nothing to worry about, just her and her new family.

Or so she had thought.

  She was 15 when she finally learned of the evil that always exists in some form. She was attending the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration, the same one where Nightmare Moon appeared.

  Her instincts kicked in without warning, and she stared down the dark alicorn before her father pulled her away. After a few minutes of running, the two stopped. The elder turned around, about to warn his adopted daughter of what the dark mare is capable of, when he sensed the newly-unlocked form of her light magic. Before he could react, she spoke.

  "I wish to be Equestria's guardian. I won't let evil take over."
Her cutie mark started to glow, restoring it of the absent colors. It now looked like a golden medallion rather than a silver one.

  They stared at each other for a minute, then Solar collapsed from exhaustion. She woke up in bed late the next day...
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