If you had an element of harmony, which?

Started by Naura, 2014 May 14, 14:43:57

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Which of the main elements fits you the best?

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From the standard six elements...? Hm... I'd like to say Loyalty and Laughter would be my top 2. (The people I usually joke around with are people I've gotten to know n' love  ^^;;  )

My own element? No clue!  ovO
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I have thought about this ever since I saw the pilot, and I have struggled with this decision. I think I am a good mix of all the elements (except Magic, of course). But due to careful deliberation, I believe my top element is Laughter, and if I could make my own, it would be Intelligence. And my mix goes like this: Laughter,  Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Honesty. x3


Definitely Loyalty.  I have way too much offline experience to back this up. :P

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Mines would be laughter, because I always try to be funny......IS IT WORKING?!  ovO


Kindness I think is as strong as any one gets for me, probably loyalty a close second. And it does get me into some trouble and being taken advantage of as well sadly.

I tend to possess some of all the elements, but there are times it's equally easy to flip to the exact opposite of them. I'm one of those weird, complex types.
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While I would like to say loyalty, it somehow doesn't seem it fit as nice as honesty. Then again, loyalty does come in many shapes and sizes, and it depends a lot on one's point of view as well. A lot of things depend on one's point of view really.

As for my own, I would like to say the element of belief. A strong component in any positive relationship, and a valuable life tool as well. Some folks have lived their entire lives by their beliefs, while others cast theirs aside when they become inconvenient.
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if i had to choose one of the canon elements, i would be Loyalty or Honesty.  However, if i could make up an element, i would be the element of Unity/Collaboration.


Loyalty, but I guess The Element Of......

I don't know how to describe it. Optimism? Perspective? It's that thing where you try to make the best out of a bad situation, and like to look at things differently.

Like how the whole female side of my class is freaking out about our jabs tomorrow but I'm just seeing it as 'hay look imma be healthy after this'


I'd probably be laughter. I'm usually the first one to break the silence with some sort of joke and (like pinkie) tend to over react when it feels like some of my friends are leaving me out of something. It also doesn't help that iv lived half way across the country for the last 4 years and now my friends have experiences that I missed out on.
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I'm more of a mix with loyalty, laughter, and honesty.
I'm actually pretty crazy, but I can contain it sometimes. I'm very loyal(hahah compared to rainbow dash sometimes in the show) and then I'm also very honest. I'd go for loyalty cause the rest aren't kind of very strong except for laughter.

And a made up one... ... idk

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Okay I completed a quiz that said I am loyalty. And another quiz said I am Applejack. So I am a loyal Applejack. Applejack is even more loyal than Rainbow Dash. LOYALTY WINS!!!  :3


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I... hmmm, I hate being ignored, and always try to listen to others.... what adjective describes that.... the opposite would be ignorance, but, I dunno.


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Wow, it seems that Kindness is a common Element.

I think it is the fact that it can be the most nuanced. There are many kinds of kindness.

I had a very hard time trying to find a single Element, since the personality of a person often includes several.

But I think if I made up my own element, it would probably be the element of... Oganesson.

It is a very... noble element.

But it can be a bit dense.
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Quote from: Naura on 2014 May 14, 14:43:57
If I must choose one from the original, I would have laugther, but if I made my own, it would've have been "Element of Respect"
What would YOU have?  :]

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I don't understand the question, I have all but magic. Unless creation is magical, in which case I'm set.


Mine would most likely be fun since that my ocs element

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