If you had an element of harmony, which?

Started by Naura, 2014 May 14, 14:43:57

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Which of the main elements fits you the best?

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Quote from: cloudwilk on 2014 Aug 13, 18:52:18
I'll jump in on the bandwagon of creating my own element... granted, technically I'm supposed to be Truth (I know I didn't even mention that... it was this predecided thing with my character from the past ^^') I feel like I would be... Imagination. Yea.

That would be a cool element. But isn't this topic a little out of date? Because the Mane 6 now use Rainbow Power instead of the Elements of Harmony!

Are the mane 6 going to keep using rainbow powers? I mean like, it only worked when they opend the box, and now the box turned into a castle. I think they'll keep using the elements, but without the gems... Or maybe something completely new :P
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Quote from: Naura on 2014 Sep 10, 02:43:59
Are the mane 6 going to keep using rainbow powers? I mean like, it only worked when they opend the box, and now the box turned into a castle. I think they'll keep using the elements, but without the gems... Or maybe something completely new :P
Supposedly, the original idea for the main sixes powers were a type of sailor moon transformation thing, no jewels involved.
Apparently the box gave them this power and as such, they will have the power to transform.
I've no clue if this is 100% true, but it fits. How and why they transform, and how long it takes to learn to do so, would probably be done over the length of the new season assuming it doesn't happen during the opening episode.

A lot of possibilities.


I chose laughter but if i made my own i would make the element of The Skies

Bad Perry, bad.

Scarlet Dusk

I would have several, but my main one would be either Loyalty, Kindness, or Magic. If I could make my own, mine would be the Element of Love.
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Loyalty fits me from the original 6, but if i had a personal element would be the element of paranoia  :I or i could soft it a bit with element of awareness  0:)


I think i would have the Element of Kindness and i am quite shy and quiet like Fluttershy.

If i had my own element, i would be the Element of Serenity. Or the Element of Coffee  ovO
Because i like being alone in peace and quiet.  :]
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If I had to choose from the original, laughter. My own: Music!  :D

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I would have The Element Of Generosity. But if I had to make one, I would name it The Element Of Silence.
Used for good and bad, this Element can be used for silencing, or obliterating, fatal foes. It can be used for good or bad, but only by one or two ponies/dragons/griffons/sea-ponies/breezies/draconequui/bat-ponies/alicorns. This/these particular chosen creature(s) have to have the access to non-unicorn magic or access to the lost magic art of alchemy.


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I'd probably be loyalty, but if I could make my own, (For that (Canon?) character I made, Butter Cookie, (Noone knows this (canon?), made it just now.) Loyalty and Secrecy.
Truly, I also have no idea what a canon is, well, a bit. Fanmade ponies?  :o

EDIT: I watched a video on youtube so... it's all fine now! :D Yeah, I really had no clue. It was because I didn't know what OC stood for...
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Uh, no, canon means something defined by the show. Fan made characters are not canon.


I'd be Magic from the show (cuz I daydream about magic a lot), but for made up, I'd be the Element Of Memories. After all, what's friendship if you can't remember all the good time you have? Or what made you friends in the first place?
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If i twere make one up, it would be the element of trust, not necessarily to represent me, just as an element. To represent me, laughter. :D

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I would be honesty but I feel like it's very close to loyalty kinda.
I guess I should be more generosity though.


Probably kindness, while I can be mean I often feel absolutely terrible about it afterwards for a LONG time so I can definitely see how it relates to me, I just don't have the heart for cruelty much.
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Mine wauld be laughter and if I cauld make my own It wauld be epic no joke The element of 20% coolerness lawl
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Going with the list, I would say magic, due to my imagination, poetry and philosophy, going with what I would see in myself, my element would be broad spectrum... Life and Light.

Magic Nova

If I had to pick one, it has to be magic, however if I could create my own, it would be knowledge. ^-^


If I were my own element it would have to be the Element of Forgiveness, simply because I have always believed that everyone deserves a second chance, personally being someone who has screwed up a few times myself. If someone has a legitimate reason for what they're doing, whether they knew it was wrong or if they were just doing what they thought was the right thing, I feel like they deserve a chance to look at it from someone Else's point of view to see why what they were doing was wrong.

As for the Originals, I can't say I fall under any one of them more than I would the other, I have my strengths and weaknesses in all of the categories. Forgiveness somewhat falls under Kindness so I'll go with that.


For me... either Loyalty or Kindness. I may have my flaws, and I may not be perfect, but I pride myself in my loyalty. And I'm both a pacifist, and someone who absolutely believes in extending an olive branch and kind words when possible. Not that I wouldn't stand up to protect people. I just start with diplomacy and kindness.
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As much as i like :], im basically the reverse of her.  :D
The closest as i can get is Laughter, mainly because i laugh at the sufferings and bad and corny jokes my friends have (i basically laugh at everything that my mind sees as "funny" or "humorous").  ovO ovO

Other elements are meh, here's why:

Im half generous, half selfish (although generosity stomps my selfishness a bit, i dont see it as my main thing)  D:
Im not kind. Why? "mainly because i laugh at the sufferings my friends have"  >:O
Loyalty? Pfft. If anything i cant be trusted to something as simple as "Clean the fookin toilets"  o.O
Back then i used to be called "Harry potter" because of the whole glasses thing, but Magic? ehh  :I

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