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Started by Rikaria, 2014 May 07, 10:23:18

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Spoiler: Original header • show

Thanks to Nala Valor for giving us permission to continue Pokémon X/Y topics here :)

Originally the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire thread, this is now the place to discuss just about everything Pokémon! That being said, I should mention what is and isn't allowed here to keep things organized:
  • Allowed to be discussed:

    • All of the main games, even starting from Gen 1; trading/giveaway and competitive discussions also allowed

    • All of the spin-off games (Stadium, Pinball, Puzzle League, Dash, Trozei, Mystery Dungeon, Rumble, etc.)

    • The Trading Card Game, both real life and the games

    • The animé (TV show)/movies
    • (Fan)sites (the official Pokémon website, Serebii, Bulbapedia, general Pokémon news, "What Pokémon are you?" quizzes, etc.)

    • Pictures/Comics are fine, but if they're really huge in filesize, PLEASE use spoiler tags!

    • Videos

  • Not allowed to be discussed:

    • The Super Smash Bros. series; that has its own thread, found here.

    • Roleplaying. There are better places to do that, and I'd rather not see topics get interrupted.

    • Saying which Pokémon is the "best". Everyone has their own opinion.

And of course, everything still has to follow LoE's forum rules. Anyway, I think that just about covers everything for now, but if I missed something, I'll add it later. Now... on to discussions!

Note: Just like earlier, the games are sorted by importance (main, spin-off, or free-to-play spin-off) then by their release dates. Also, X & Y don't have their own section because there's no more giveaways for them other than those from Battle Competitions unless stated otherwise.

<Last update: November 26, 2015>
Spoiler: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (click to show/hide) • show
If, for some reason, you never got the demo, it's available without needing a download code now.

<Last update: January 30, 2015>
Spoiler: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Super-Secret Base guidelines and QR Codes (click to show/hide) • show
Some things I should point out:
[list][li]You're free to design your Base however you like, but please don't be mean and completely block off your Trainer (Base owner) location/Flag. Making it look like they're blocked but there's still a way to interact with them is fine.[/li]
[li]Adding to the above, don't force others to recruit you just so they can gain access to your Flag.[/li]
[li]The first three Pokémon on your team at the time of the QR Code creation will be the team that shows up for others. As for your Base Pals (if any), they're given preset teams depending on their Trainer type.[/li]
[li]If your computer doesn't have a SD card slot or you don't have an adapter, you can go to your Pokémon Global Link account to grab your Base's QR Code there (you MUST have used Game Sync beforehand). If you haven't set up your account/connected your game yet, go ahead and do so now.[/li]
[li]When you scan a Code, you won't be able to battle anyone in that Base and get the Flag until the next day. Streetpassing/Passing By others, on the other hand, will allow you to battle with them and get their Flag immediately.[/li]
[li]If you update your Base, PLEASE tell me so I can put a notification beside your name. (Also, and obviously, you'll need to post the updated QR Code as well.)[/li]
[li](Optional) Placing a Comfortable Bed in your Base will allow you and others to heal your Pokémon (though after each battle you're automatically healed anyway).[/li]
[li](Optional) There's an item called Proclamation where you can change the battle rules for your Base.[/li]
[li](Recommended) There's a post-story item called Level Release which can remove the level limit placed on your whole Base's Pokémon. Get it if you really want to set a challenge.[/li]
[li](Recommended) Connecting to PSS twice a day (once around morning, once around evening) will get others' Bases to show up in your game. Be careful though, as whatever layout yours has might update on their side (i.e. they scanned a QR Code for your Base > you change the layout later > both of you connect to PSS > your Base on their game might have the new layout instead).[/li]
Spoiler: Spoiler (click to show/hide) • show
(Optional) Switching your Base Pals with those you Streetpassed/Passed By can possibly net you more Flags; the amount given is the same they picked up beforehand.

Spoiler: cloudwilk (click to show/hide) • show

Spoiler: KirbyFluttershy (click to show/hide) • show

Spoiler: Naura (click to show/hide) • show

Spoiler: Rikara (updated to January 30, 2015) (click to show/hide) • show
Scan only one!

~ Route 116 Blissey Bases ~
East of the Rusturf Tunnel entrance <currently using>
Has Level Release?: Yes

Location: Southeast of the Rusturf Tunnel entrance
Has Level Release?: Yes


~ Route 118 Bases ~
In a tree after using Surf (using Cut is optional but gets you to it quicker)
Has Level Release?: Yes

2014 Gym

2014 Nostalgia layout 1

2014 Nostalgia layout 2

2015 Garden - Blissey team

2015 Garden - Grass team

2015 Maze layout 1 - Blissey team

2015 Maze layout 1 - Legendaries team

2015 Maze layout 2 - Blissey team

2015 Maze layout 2 - Legendaries team

Spoiler: Off-site Blissey Bases (click to show/hide) • show
Notes: All of these Bases are at Secret Meadow; you find it after Diving up at a certain water Route. All Trainers have Level 50 (100 if you turn on the Level Release item) Blissey with only Healing Wish, and they all hold Toxic Orb. Battle format is Triple Battle (which unfortunately makes Healing Wish useless), but at the very least you don't have to worry about them hurting your Pokémon.

Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility if you actually fight any of them, especially if you have underleveled Pokémon. Blissey gives the most EXP out of all the current Pokémon (roughly 1/3 more than Audino and even Chansey, which are next).

<Last update: December 5, 2016>
Spoiler: Sun/Moon • show
Magearna's distribution is now live! Scan your region's QR code using the in-game QR Scanner to unlock it, then visit the deliveryman at the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau'oli City to get it! (Only available to those who beat the main story.)

North America QR code
Europe & Australia QR code

<Last update: May 2016>
Spoiler: Shuffle (click to show/hide) • show
[list][li]Summary: A free-to-play puzzle game on the 3DS eShop; more info here.[/li]
[li]Pokémon Shuffle has a mobile version which is available for all regions on iOS and Android for free. It's a direct port of the free-to-play 3DS title, but it has its own server (meaning competition scores are separate, and you can't transfer your 3DS progress).[/li]
[li]I made a Coins guide on Miiverse. You can read it here.[/li][/list]
3DS updates: I no longer have as much free time as I did back then; you'll just have to figure out what's new and coming later via this page.

I will say this, though: all the awesome features the Mobile version had has finally come over to the 3DS version! (Don't worry though: all the item prices are left alone.)

<Last update: August 6, 2015>
Spoiler: Rumble World (click to show/hide) • show
[list][li]Summary: A free-to-play roleplaying game (RPG) on the 3DS eShop; more info here.[/li]
[li]You can input Passwords to receive free Pokémon once you reach Adventure Rank 4, among other rewards. You can find a list of them here. Keep checking back for future ones![/li][/list]
[list][li]As of 1.1: A new level is available; it's called Lucky Balloon which takes you to where uncaught Pokémon are more likely to appear. You need at least Rank 33 to get it, and it takes 20 hours to recharge.[/li]
[li]1.1: The PokéDiamond Digger in the town now gives 40 PokéDiamonds a day rather than 20.[/li]
[li]1.1 (one-time only): Input this Password to receive 100 PokéDiamonds: 48213190 (if you're in North America) or 71104779 (if you're in Europe)[/li][/list]

<Last update: December 5, 2015>
Spoiler: Pokémon Picross (click to show/hide) • show
[list][li]Summary: A free-to-play game on the 3DS eShop where you try to solve portrait puzzles based on number hints; more info here[/li]
[li]Passwords have been discovered. Here are all of them:
Spoiler: show
North America:
  • 75603372

  • 34111425

  • 72005601

  • 96734255

Europe (for some reason there are five sets, so they're most likely language-based):
  • 18587211, 89907383, 74326715, 77742314

  • 21602893, 24235988, 77858192, 20886261

  • 97053818, 19871870, 90176937, 31986915

  • 71402434, 52856270, 24177718, 38651076

  • 50559005, 56005335, 91393494, 16456607


Spoiler: Original Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire thread post (click to show/hide) • show

RUBY/SAPPHIRE REMAKES OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED :3 To be honest, this isn't surprising as A LOT of fans were asking for this, though I wonder about Pokémon Z... :/ Well anyway... get hyped!
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This occured to me... GameCube to GBA (Gen III/Gen I remakes) -> GBA to DS (Gen III/Gen I remakes to Gen IV/II remakes) -> DS to DS (Gen IV/II remakes to Gen V) -> DS to 3DS (Gen V to Gen VI) -> 3DS to 3DS (Gen VI to Gen III remakes)

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Itty Bit

Im super hyped for this. I missed out on third gen, so now is the perfect time to catch up!

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Quote from: Itty Bit on 2014 May 07, 16:34:04
Im super hyped for this. I missed out on third gen, so now is the perfect time to catch up!

On what?

Stardust Dragon

I'm curious and a bit excited: I fondly remember the original Ruby and Sapphire from when I was younger.  Some of my Pokemon currently in X are from those games (nothing I use on a team, stuff like the Legendaries).  I've been hoping for this remake since X and Y were released...however this "trailer" and the info surrounding it are dubious at best.  I want to see more about this, but I'm withholding judgement until I have more intel.


Quote from: Shadow Mare on 2014 May 07, 16:35:49
Quote from: Itty Bit on 2014 May 07, 16:34:04
Im super hyped for this. I missed out on third gen, so now is the perfect time to catch up!

On what?

Shadow Mare, please stay on topic and contribute to the thread if you wish to discuss the next generation of pokemon.


Gonna admit. I'm going to get that Ruby again, but honestly I really hope this one's story is fine tuned some. Out of all the games, Ruby and Sapphire were pretty much my least favorite.

Then again, that could -possibly- be some residual bitterness since that was the first and only generation where your Pokemon couldn't be traded from the previous generations.

Those poor 251... forever stuck back in GBC limbo, while the rest of my lil guys have moved on...


The question is... which one to get?

I didn't have the money for both X and Y and I don't think I'll have the money for both of these.

I don't know which one to get!!

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Does it matter which version you get? You can get the other version's pokemon online.


Quote from: LostSanity on 2014 May 07, 18:03:35
The question is... which one to get?

I didn't have the money for both X and Y and I don't think I'll have the money for both of these.

I don't know which one to get!!


Since they would both have all 700 something odd pokemon as a capability to hold, and I'm sure the new 2 will be in 3d as well, I would advise something simple: Look up to see if there are any known download events planned, when the time comes to purchase one. Usually it's the newest game that gets the download events, but since the Ruby/Sapphire are a "remake", they may get the short end of the stick.
X and Y would definitely have more of the "newer, so more than likely rarer" legendaries. Since there haven't been as many games with them for people to collect from. My two cents, at least. If nothing else, you could always wait a bit to see if they announce if it actually is a remake, or a sequel to those games, then go from there. At that point they would reveal at least a good chunk of the features, then you could decide which game has the features you desire more. :)


Never thought I'd see the day when Hoenn would get remade. Makes me feel old. Back when Original Ruby and Saphire came out there the most advanced pokemon game out there!
(It was also awesome!) :D


Arceus has heard our cry's and answered our prayers!
I'm so hype! Pokémon Sapphire was my first pokemon
game I ever owned and now it finally gets a remake.
I'm so happy! I plan on gettin' Alpha Sapphire.
🌻🌻🌻   🌻🌻🌻   🌻🌻🌻


Someone on another forum I go on mentioned something really interesting: you know the Red and Blue Orbs in the original Ruby/Sapphire? What if those were actually Groudon and Kyogre's Mega Stones?
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it was as shock, i thought they would announce those games idk at E3 or ar some nintendo direct, but not today like this the face omg   O:

some people says that because of that trailer ("dramatic new world") its not an usual remake but a sequel. kinda like pokemo black/white 2. let's just sit and wait!

cant wait to see hoenn in those XY graphics.
plus secret bases again yaaaay i guess they gonna be tradeable with streetpass
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Quote from: Zhai on 2014 May 07, 22:04:28

some people says that because of that trailer ("dramatic new world") its not an usual remake but a sequel. kinda like pokemo black/white 2. let's just sit and wait!

I honestly hope it's a sequel, to tell you the truth. Also, that maybe you can explore some of the area surrounding Hoenn as well.


If what they did with Fire Red and Leaf Green (Blue equivalent) is any indications they're probably gonna add loads of extra stuff. And it'll be with them fancy 3DDDS GFX. Wooooo so shiny and expensive! :P


Quote from: SerebiiIn The Games Department

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Following its reveal yesterday, there has been some question as to the actual content of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, as to whether they're remakes or new versions due to the wording of the announcement. During the Investor Briefing today, Satoru Iwata confirmed that Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are full-remakes of the 2002 releases, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. We'll bring more on these games as it comes

I guess that answers that.
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My friend was telling me that there were rumors about mega evo form of swampert, sceptile, groudon, and kyogre.
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