the ponies of the space shuttle columbia By: piper hooves

Started by piper hooves, 2014 Apr 27, 17:42:05

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piper hooves

so far this is the first fanfic i ever made please dont crirzise cause this is my first attempt anway lets get the story started

Piper Hooves/Fighterbrony's oc
Derpy Hooves
The crew

As the scientist on-board the space shuttle Columbia were about to finish their experiment, something amazing but strange happened. An event so strange that the event has changed the history of Ponyville forever. twilight sparkle was preforming a spell that could bring a item from another planets orbit into their orbit. But the spell backfired and instead of getting a moon rock she got the Columbia during its "final mission STS 113.

The landing
As the Columbia came in for landing, it also came into contact with the south ponyville tower. The control tower operator directed them to the landing strip. But there was one problem the strip was made for prop planes, not heavy space planes. But they still made it because the tower operator was supporting the pilot every step of the way. After the Columbia touched down the control tower operator greeted them.

Meeting  piper hooves
He said his name was piper hooves, ponyville's top engineer and aviator. after piper hooves introduced himself, he noticed that the vehicle was a space shuttle like the one he remembered in his past life. And then he explained to the crew all about the magic of equestria.

Meeting the crew
As they were talking the crew introduced themselves. Commander Rick .T husband. Copilot laurel .B Clark. Pilot Micheal P. Anderson. Im  astronaut: Iian ramond. Im scientist: David m. Brown.  After he heard almost all the names he asked what is your name.  she was too scared to reply. The crew told piper she was always afraid. With those words in mind he decided to give them nicknames. I'll call you ricky. And you will be called Laurence. And I will call you Iian cause I cant come up with anything. And yours will stay the same david. And yours will be mickey. I don't you about you but I will come up with one.   

The agreement 
In the middle of his conversation he decided to make them the fuel tank and rocket boosters for the shuttle to get back into space but it would take some time so during that time the astronauts could live a life in equestria while the shuttle was secure in a hangar and the components were being built.

How the crew chose to live in equestria
piper hooves have been keeping up to date on the crew while making the other components of the Columbia. Commander ricky thought he would never see his wife. So he started dating a mare then ended up marrying her. The mare's name was carrot top. He decided to open up a shop called quill's and sofa's. The scientist david decided to research medicine for the ponyville hospital. Iian decided to move down south and make a launch base for the space shuttle. but the third stayed in cloudsdale  and made a friend. His friends name was cloud kicker 

test flight
before any space shuttle can go to space, it has to go through a test flight. Piper knew it would take years to make a plane that can carry this shuttle. So he decided to go by train. Luckily there was a conductor that was willing to give his train for testing. Piper created a system that will launch the shuttle that can attach to the surface of the train. After the shuttle was set into place and locked in, the conductor took the path that leads to the highest track. As the train went up the mountain, it started slowing down. The conductor kept on detaching cars but it wont budge. As the train started going slower and slower there was only one option left. Piper ignited the main thrusters in a effort to get the train up. As the train entered the bridge he saw that the track ended into a pit. Piper saw this and immediately turned off the main thrusters. But it wouldn't stop, so the conductor ran to the enterance hacth under the shuttle and escaped the train. Piper reactivated the main thrusters and detached the shuttle. As they were lifting off from the train the thrusters suddenly quit. The shuttle droped like a stone back onto the train. He re-ignited the main thrusters, the shuttle wouldn't lift off. There was only one option roll of the train, with all his might th pushed the control stick to the side and sucsefully got the shuttle to glide. After a few test with the Columbia, he landed back at the airport and gave it the seal of approval.

Making it 20%cooler
After all the testing piper decided that this "NASA logo" wasn't his type. so he took out the paint buckets and decided that he will make it look 20% cooler. He painted over the NASA logo, an ESP logo. Then colored the Columbia just like the Moonraker. after that he decided to put a shark mouth on the nose and put a saying on the cocpit window that said "this view is 20% cooler". After that he put another sentence on the end of the boom-arm that said "I call shotgun". And put another saying on the cargo doors that said "need space? Here let me help you". He was almost done with painting the coolumbia. He just needed one last thing, he painted Celestia's cutie mark onto the rudder           

The truth
while piper hooves was replacing the reinforced carbon tiles. He realized that the shuttle has to have a name since all the space shuttles have names. He went towards the nose and noticed the name right under the cockpit window. It said Columbia. Then he said to himself "that cant be right" when he got into the cockpit he noticed the mission number STS 113 the one he remembered. The one that left but never came back. The one that disintegrated on re entry. and that one was the Columbia. He went to the crews apartment and told them that this mission was the one they all die on re entry.

They knew that going on the space shuttle was a risk they would have to face. they didn't react any different to the fact that the shuttle will disintegrate and that they were all going to die. Because they knew it would happen to them. And piper hooves informed them that the tank and boosters will be done by fall which was only 2 months away. so the crew prepared her for the launch.

preparing for launch
after the crew of Columbia suited up the pilot and scientist decided not to take the risk. there was only pony to pilot the Columbia.

Why we got on
So piper decided to stand from his chair and pilot the Columbia himself. Then another pony wanted to make a diffrence, Derpy Hooves. she decided to come along because she didn't want other ponies to see her as a stupid mare. she wanted them to see her as a pony who actually did something smart. She asked piper "why did you chose to become the pilot of this mission" he answered with "because I always wanted to pilot a space shuttle and I never been to space". 

3 2 1 liftoff
As piper and Derpy entered the cockpit of the space shuttle, the pilot decided to start the countdown.  10 disengaging fuel pump 9 disconnecting fuel injectors 8 7 6 starting main thrusters 5 firing solid rocket boosters 4 disengaging entrance platform 3 2 1. As the Columbia soared to space the astronauts had no second thoughts. They knew the risk and accepted their fears.

No turning back
During launch the crew heard a loud thud which was really nothing. But it was something. It was a piece of foam from the external tank that hit the same hole on the same wing. Piper knew There was no turning back. If you jumped into the Columbia then you would have to take the risk. As the Columbia got out of equestria's atmosphere and into space twilight preformed her spell again and sent them back into earth's orbit.

Prepared for death
Piper and the crew prepared for re-entry and  of course death. Piper was afraid of dying but as Derpy held his hoof piper wasn't afraid cause he knew he would die with somepony he liked. as the Columbia came in burning, he realized that the Columbia had all these decals on it he informed the mission control from equestrian to swap out the shuttle for the clone shuttle. In wich case it means aborting the mission. The all asked why.he told thm that if the find out about equestria then they will find a way to invade us and enslave us. What you think is freddom land is actually a hell hole for other nations. I repeat abort the mission 

A miracle
Right before the Columbia broke apart into little bits a white flash of light appeared then once it stopped he and the crew was not in the Columbia  piper and derpy were back at the launch base in equestria and so was the crew of the Columbia. The crew was exited to be alive and piper was exited to fly a space shuttle.

There is something odd about that pony
As he looked into he crowd he saw a Pegasus that was white and had black mane and tail, gray hooves, black line running down his back, and a cutie mark of the NASA logo. Piper went up to this Pegasus and asked what his name was. The Pegasus said his name was challenger. He was shocked to hear the name of another shuttle that exploded.

Brothers united by death
Challenger said his brother Columbia never died, he was in the tower with the pilot of the shuttle. When the pilot came to thank him for saving human history, piper looked at the other pony and asked "are you space shuttle Columbia ?" the unicorn said yes. Columbia said to him you know how when someone  I mean somepony is put in isolation and then they think inanimate objects can live. He answered by saying yes. Well inanimate objects do live its just that nature doesn't want us to. cause if we showed signs of living action we would be "removed from existence". And othere space shuttles also end up here when they're decomisioned. Because they cant do nothing iv'e met the Enavoudor during my time in equestria. While the crew of Columbia were exited, the Challenger was talking about his brothers, derpy was the only one that was sad about being back home.

The ending that might exite you
piper asked her "why are you sad" derpy answered "i never got to do anything that got me my respect, the mission was a total waste". Piper said. "i don't care if we will ever get on the paper, or get respect, all I cared about was going to space and flying the space shuttle. But you I thought that you were really brave back there. You really think so. Yeah, I mean, I have never seen any other pony stand up and say yes to a deadly space shuttle mission. now that, that's courage. You know I could need a pegasus like you to do some dangerous aircraft building and treacherous stunt flight. I've always been always at the face of danger alone and I think its about time I go a friend alongside me. Derpy replied, are you sure? Piper said, yes i'm sure, I don't care if your too derpy or if you are dumb all I care about is having a flight friend, copilot, flight buddy, wingmare, do you mean a friend? Yes that's exactly what I mean. as piper and derpy were leaving a mob of reporters started to crowd piper and derpy. Before the mob could trap them derpy picked up piper and left flying off back to his house. Meanwhile with the crew, they accepted the interviews and  the news got headlines on the space shuttle brother       

This fan-fiction was made in memory of
space shuttle Columbia and all her crew and of course the challenger and her crew
god bless them all

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