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Started by Tabbyte, 2014 Apr 26, 05:08:24

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2014 Apr 26, 05:08:24 Last Edit: 2014 May 09, 10:13:26 by Tabbyte
The Ro|ep|ayers Gui|d


Davorabit Amare ( Changeling Hive )

( The Davorabit Amare Hive have permitted us to attend their Private Roleplays! )


How To Sign-Up:

Name of OC(s):
Requested Rank:
Reason Of Joining:
Branch Off Rank (Warrior, Mage or Rogue):

Your rank will be determined by your reason of joining or how much I have seen you in RPs I have attended in. If you receive a rank lower than expected, please just message me a legitimate reason for a rank up!


Tabbyte [ High Lord ]

Grizzly [ Lord ]

Yellowpikmin476 [ Lord ]

Snowcraft_Pony [ Knight ]

RuneAlchemist  [ High Mage ]

sfg [ High Mage ]

MrSpyro [ Mage ]

LunarDusk [ Mage ]

Pinkie23 [ Apprentice ]


Banners are now W.I.P... To advertise the guild by embedding this on your signature:

Join The Ro|ep|ayers Gui|d at http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=11646.msg770934#msg770934

High Lord


Knight / High Mage / Thief

Warrior / Mage / Scavenger



Once you exceed Apprentice, you will be able to branch off to Warrior, Mage or Rogue.


Name of OC(s): Blue Star
Requested Rank: Member
Reason Of Joining: There's no way for me not to join a RP guild, hehe.
The most common accident is the one noone expects.


Name of OC(s): Midnight Eclipse, Starlight Eclipse, Moon Eclipse

Requested rank: Member

Reason for joining: Love of RP


Name of OCs: Yellow Light, Rainstorm, Lily of the Valley, Fire Blast, Monochrome, Sunshine Ray, Venus Flytrap, Crashing Wave, Onyx Emerald Nym, Puddlewalker, Canvas, Forest Glade.

Requseted Rank: Knight

Reason for Joining: Why not? I love to roleplay!

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Also, even though i'm joining, because of the picture and links, I cannot fit any more stuff in my signature. Only 2 characters left, and I can't give up any of what's in it.


Name of OC(s): North Wind
Requested Rank: The highest you're willing to give me
Reason Of Joining: Role Playing is :3!
Derp race!
[move] :P[/move]
[move]    :P[/move]
[move]       :P[/move]
[move]          :P[/move]


OC: Cyan Scepter
Rank: Member
Reason Of Joining: I wanted RP guild and... there it is!   :D

Also because of Pinkie Pie


Name of OC(s): Scruffle Gus, you'll find him here http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=10707.0

Requested Rank: The highest you're willing to give me.

Reason Of Joining: Ehh, I'm honestly curious to know what it's really all about. I don't think melding together a herd of roleplayers is necessary, but it's worth checking out.

Branch Off Rank (Warrior, Mage or Rogue): Mage

Also, another question, what are the branch offs all about?


2014 May 03, 03:54:22 #7 Last Edit: 2014 May 03, 04:44:33 by Tabbyte
Good news everypony!
We have now began a ( hopefully ) everlasting alliance with the Davorabit Amare, a changeling hive. As long as we respect their goals and beliefs, we will form a bond that will last for quite a while.

We have been permitted to join in their Private Roleplays, so don't be afraid to post on them.


The most common accident is the one noone expects.


Quotewith the Dovaborit Amare

Oops, misspelled..

Davorabit Amare.


Could we have rank based signitures like the Davorabit Amare? and can we make private RP's for our herd if a member is a high enough rank (Knight, High Mage, Thief and up)


I have created one roleplay thread about the Everfree Forest ;) .  Also, the banners are now W.I.P :D


Oh, gotta check that ^-^ BTW, how about the sweet apple acres RP?
The most common accident is the one noone expects.


Eh, why the hay not.

Name of OC(s): Flurry, Rune, Aster, Toxic Remedy,  Autumn Floret, Thunder Blitz, Frost Flare, Glacial Hail. (you can find them in the link in my sig. Some of them aren't put up there yet. I'm a busy pony nowadays xP
They'll get there, eventually though.)

Requested Rank:Highest you're willing to give me, though I'd prefer high mage or knight.
Reason Of Joining: Well, I like RPing, and I think it could be fun.

Branch Off Rank (Warrior, Mage or Rogue): Mage
My OC's Feel free to tell me what you think of them. I'm open to all constructive criticism. It will be periodically updated whenever I feel like it~


Name of OC(s): Lunar Dusk, Solar Flare, Night Star
Requested rank: Highest you're willing to give me.

Reason Of Joining: I like RP's and am curious to see what would happen in this guild...

Branch off rank (Warrior, Mage or Rogue):Mage
"[glow=blue,2,300]Hue Lunar Dusk archmage of the EverFree at your service.[/glow]"
conflictus nec divinos



Ooh, who's the attacker? A ponified Darth Vader? lol
I just watched the Star Wars series.



If you want to know, you will have to advance the story slightly... but no not vader...


why do i get a "Galactica" feeling from that? XD
The most common accident is the one noone expects.

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