Your favourite PS1 games

Started by 50th, 2014 Apr 20, 01:15:29

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Final Fantasy IX.
Oh, and Digimon World. The only one of the lot, to my knowledge, that didn't just hand over each Digivolution to you.  :s


Final Fantasy VII all the way!
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Well It's not much favorite PS1 games that I have so i'll list'em here including the remakes

Final fantasy 8-9
Dragon Warrior / Quest 7
Digimon world 1-3
Star Ocean: The Second Story / Second Evolution
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Legend of Mana
and Final Fantasy Tactics / War of the lions.
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Medievil was my favourite.


I have all of them in a stack:

Dead or Alive
Silent Hill
Resident Evil 2
Top Shop
Final Fantasy Anthology
Chrono Cross
Darkstalkers 3
Grand Theft Auto
Monster Rancher


My all time Favourite PS1 game, so many hours were wasted with this gem

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