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Started by LostInOblivion, 2014 Apr 18, 23:40:43

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Ok, I'm not exactly the leader type but I'm starting a guild. I know that probably most of the people here don't know what Kingdom Hearts is or is not a fan of it. Anyway, this is a group that all KH fans should know of, Organization XIII. It's based on them and we are going to have fourteen members that are going to represent each member.
So anyways, if you are a Kingdom Hearts fan you will know what I'm talking about.

Spoiler: Member List • show

I. Xemnas:
II. Xigbar:
III. Xaldin:
IV. Vexen:
V. Lexaeus:
VI. Zexion:
VII. Saix:
VIII. Axel: HunterOfTheDark
IX. Demyx:
X. Luxord:
XI. Marluxia:
XII. Larxene:
XIII. Roxas: Phobia
XIV: Xion: LostInOblivion

Spoiler: Sign-up Form • show

How well do you know them?

Where "Member" is, you put the name of the member you want then their number.
Well, if you ever wanna change your character or want to leave, just let me know.


If this game works for me I'd LOVE to be Roxas!  <3333

EDIT! I'll sign the form once I see if this game works <3 Sorry for not noticing the form beforehand! D':


I'm actually surprised to see that anyone would reply xD. Sometimes, I just feel like I'm the only KH fan anywhere.

It's ok for not signing the form, and if the game doesn't work for you that's ok too. Maybe it will work in the next time the game is up. Sorry for not noticing your reply sooner.
It would be great for you to be Roxas! : D No one else replied anyway xD


Username: HunterOfTheDark
Member: Axel
Number: VIII
How well do you know them? (not sure what this part is meant to be, but I'll do my best to answer it) I know Axel fairly well, since he's my favorite organization member.
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How have I never noticed this before?
I'd normally join as Zexion or Saix, if it weren't for me thinking of making my own Herd for just me and my friends.

PS: I can't wait for KH3!  It's gonna be SO awesome!

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