I need a voice actor!

Started by Kodiax, 2014 Apr 17, 21:34:58

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             My name's Kodiax, and I'm an electronic producer/Brony. I wrote a song a long time ago called "Our Work is Never Done" which now themes the Ask Pinkamena and Butchershy Tumblr blog. However I've since gotten better, and completely rewritten the track. The only problem is- I don't have any vocal samples! If you've got a good imprersonation of either Fluttershy >:O or Pinkie ovO, please feel free to show me what you've got and send it in. If I like it, it'll be part of the song and your voice will be featured of the new theme song for the Pinkamena/Butchershy ask blog, heard by thousands of followers!

Please PM samples to me, or hit me up at [email protected]. Or if you prefer skype, vinyl.stab

Wub on!

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I'll be sending in a Fluttershy~~


I'll give Fluttershy a go ^_^

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