Ex-Student's Work .u.

Started by PrufStudent, 2014 Apr 17, 19:29:03

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2014 Apr 17, 19:29:03 Last Edit: 2014 Apr 17, 19:34:00 by PrufStudent
My expectatives: I'll become a modeler here in LoE c:

and here is my work so far.... :V

(spike may be ugly just because it was my 1st attempt on modeling .n. )

and here are some few OCs .u.
(i know... some rendering is creepy... .n. )

crystal diamond was pretty much like doing Twilight Sparkle... .-.

and this last oc

(all OCs' pony bases are by KP-S.S. the mane styles were done by me :B )

can I be on the team now? r>r

Colt Zero

Hey, I've seen some of your work before. On deviantart I believe.

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