My Dashie voice ^_^

Started by warriorcatcloudtail5, 2014 Apr 17, 17:27:19

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So, I would REALLY like some tips on how to improve mah Dashie, if anyone could give me some advice on improving or in VAing in general thanks  x3 :P :3



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WOW, your pretty good! I was actually surprised when I heard the first skit. :o Though in some parts you could hear your normal voice seeping through. (the singing mostly) Other than that 90 percent perfect! :D
What the...

Little Star

AHhh my area of expertise,

It was great! Again, can hear a bit of your normal voice, but nothing to be self conscious about.
If you can get closer to your mic, you sound a bit far away. Otherwise, awesome!

And yes, singing voices can be DIFFICULT to stay in the voice.
If you keep on practicing it, going out of your comfort zone sometimes, you will be a GREAT imitation VA.

~ StarSong

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