Game files now available for download!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Apr 17, 04:39:29

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2014 Apr 17, 04:39:29 Last Edit: 2014 Nov 12, 01:29:38 by Ellowee

Hello everyone! You can now download the game in preparation for the Open Server Weekend!

Here's what you'll need to get started!

Forum Account
If you haven't already got one, you can make a forum account at
A forum account is REQUIRED to login and play on the Legends of Equestria servers.

System Requirements
To run our game, you'll need to make sure you have the following:

  • 2 GB ram

  • Dual core processor, somewhere near 2 GHz. A single core processor works, but is not recommended

  • An okay graphics card. If the computer is made after 2007, you'll be fine. The bare minimum would probably be 128 MB vram, DirectX9.0c/OpenGL2.0

  • 1.5 gigabytes of hard drive space

  • OS: Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux

Downloading the Game

More files to be added later on!

You must have the newest game version downloaded in order to get all our brand new features! If you have an older game version from a previous open server weekend, it may not work!

Disclaimer: Downloading game files from other sites may be unsafe. They may contain viruses.

Please remember, the servers will be opening Friday. This is just to get the game early. You will not be able to login or play until Friday.

You can also find these downloads on our downloads page,


/listfriendsLists all your friends./logoutLogs out of the game.
/playersLists all the players in the room./helpLists all the commands.
/report <player name>Lets you report a player to the moderators. You can also click on a pony to report them./playervisible <true/false>Toggles your player invisible for you only, everyone else can still see you.
/cinemacamera <true/false>Your player will disappear and the camera turns into a camera-fly mode./removeitem <inventoryslot>Removes a game item according to the inventory slot it is in. Starts at 0.
/standMakes your pony stand./sitMakes your pony sit.
/danceMakes your pony dance./unwearallRemoves all items from your pony.
/facehoofMakes your pony facehoof./inventoryOpens your inventory.

Getting to Cloudopolis
In order to get to Cloudopolis, you must travel via the airship in Cantermore!

If you're in Cantermore, travel up the cliff to the airship port and board your way onto the airship.

If you're starting in Ponydale, you must first go to the train station and travel to Cantermore, and then go to the airship port.

Getting to Cantermore
In order to get to Cantermore, you must travel via train from Ponydale or via airship from Cloudopolis!

If you're in Ponydale, you must travel via train. The train station is just past Sugarcane Corner.

If you're in Cloudopolis, go to the airport located high up and to the right of the main cloud.

Getting to Ponydale
If you'd like to visit the quaint little town of Ponydale, you must go by train from Cantermore.

If you're in Cloudopolis, go to the airport and get to Cantermore.

Once you're in Cantermore, simply go to the train station by by Astral Charm.

Plenty of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) need help with their tasks! Some give out special prizes if you lend them a helping hoof!

Go up to any NPC, right click, and select "Talk." NPCs have a "..." over their name.

Listen to what they have to say, and be sure to follow their instructions in order to move on in the quest.

At the end, you might get a reward for your kindness!

Watch out when going to the Evershade Forest! It's home to some scary monsters!

In order to defend yourself against the creatures you'll encounter, try using your special combat abilities!

Earth Ponies have Seismic Buck and Rough Terrain, Unicorns have Rainbow Fields and Magical Arrow, and Pegasi have Dual Cyclone and Gale! All three races have Ground Pound.

When ready, select a creature, a target reticule should appear. Attack the mob by getting in their range and selecting your skill.

When the enemy's health gets to zero, they'll faint! Don't worry though, I'm sure they can just walk it off.

If you want to form a party with other players, you can right-click them and add them to your party!

Parties are useful for going out and exploring. You never know when you might run into monsters, and there is always safety in numbers!

Do you have an interesting item that you'd like to give to a friend? Well, you can trade them!

Simply right click on your friend and hit "Trade." The other pony needs to accept your trade for it to continue.

Once accepted, you'll see a screen. Left click and add the item to the trading menu.

When both players are satisfied with the trade, they both must hit "Ready." When both players hit "Ready," a "Done" button will appear. Once both players hit the "Done" button, the trade will be completed.

Stuck Somewhere?
Have no fear! No need to call the moderators! Simply type /stuck or unstuck me and you will be moved to the starting point of the map. (This will not work if you are in combat.)

Not long left, everyone!

Mint Vanilla

The Windows x64 build on Firedrive is private.



im new do i need to download all the files? :o


Quote from: junerainbows on 2014 Apr 17, 04:53:06
im new do i need to download all the files? :o

You only need to download one file, if you're using Windows, you can use the 32bit version regardless, but if you're computer is 64 bit, then you should probably still download the 64 bit version.

If you're downloading from Google Drive, click on the zip file you want to download and then there should be a little arrow in the bottom right corner, click that.


2014 Apr 17, 04:59:25 #5 Last Edit: 2014 Apr 17, 05:06:37 by Mizuki
the x86 version seems to be downloading uncharacteristically slow for me, should I stop and try again or is this normal? X3

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


i downloaded the .zip do i need the torrent one too?


2014 Apr 17, 05:01:05 #7 Last Edit: 2014 Apr 17, 05:03:01 by Ellowee
Quote from: junerainbows on 2014 Apr 17, 04:53:06
im new do i need to download all the files? :o

Hello there! :)

You only need to download the build that is for your computer. If you are on a Windows computer, download the Windows build. (If you need to know if you are x64 or x86, click on the Start button, right-click on Computer, click on Properties. Under System, it should tell you your operating system. If you still don't know you can just go with x86!)

If you are on a Macintosh (Apple) computer, download the Macintosh build.

If you are on a Linux system, download the Linux build.

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Quote from: junerainbows on 2014 Apr 17, 05:00:35
i downloaded the .zip do i need the torrent one too?

Nope! If you downloaded the .zip, you can just open the .zip file, pull out all the files into a new folder on your computer, and then you're done.  ^-^


You don't need to get the torrent versions, they're mainly for when the other versions are downloading slowly due to heavy traffic


 O: i got it!!!!!!!!!

omg thanks every pony for the help!!!

i cant wait for the 18th!!!!!! :D


Hm, parties huh? I believe that's new. Nice!  :D

Topaz Moon

Yah!, download complete. Now just to wait until tomorrow  ^-^
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When it comes to extracting the files that some extractors or settings may not properly retain the folder hierarchy the game files are in.  So if the extraction leaves a bunch of files in a single folder the game will not work.


Oh, so there is fighting now? I kinda looked forward to this.

Anyway, it seems to work so far on my computer. I'm pretty much ready for tomorrow.


Ah :( I have old PC :( I dont have Windows 64 :( I have only 32 :(..


Quote from: Ajdrianpony on 2014 Apr 17, 06:19:00
Ah :( I have old PC :( I dont have Windows 64 :( I have only 32 :(..

      Me too  :c   who has 32-bit windows how does the download?    PLEASE  HELPS US  ono ono <3


Hello! The x86 version is for 32 bit.


Petrasilva, Ajdrianpony:

The x86 version is what you want for a 32-bit version of Windows. Download that one!
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I have windows 8.1, 64 bits. I tried both x86 and x64, and both seems works correctly. There is only one minnor bug that I feel I should report it and appear to me in both versions.

This minor bug consist in the GUI option, after you click on it Option --> GUI (not Option -> Controls -> GUI), The return button doesn't work. It does the animation of clicking, but doesn't do anything. This mean that you are forced to restart the game, since there is no way to remove the window option of the GUI.

I asked my friend that own Windows 7 x32, and use x86. For him, it works perfectly and doesn't have this bug.


The new settings window is much nicer-looking. Keep up the good work, guys! Can't wait to see the new features in-game.

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