Favorite Song of Season 4?

Started by Dylanbob, 2014 Mar 16, 14:21:35

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I just thought it was far enough in the season to see what songs you guys like c;
I personally like Apples to the Core. I really liked how they sang about family, and how Pinkie joined in on the last verse.
I had a hard time deciding between this, Make a wish, and Bats!


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all of them! :3

apples to the core is definitely one of my top favorites, but bats and hearts as strong as horses are right up there *can't decide*
...anything with aj <3

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I liked Generosity, it's a rather underrated song, in my opinion. Otherwise I found most songs from Season 4 a little... mediocre. :P


Personally, I enjoyed two songs above the rest; Glass of Water and Find you've got the music.
Glass of Water in particular because I love Discord's personality and the style of the song worked so well. I felt John de Lancie did the song real justice bringing the chaotic humor that Discord represents to life.
As a singer and musician myself, Find you've got the music, to me, was very well written. All of the vocals were awesome and the harmonies that were used were really nice. It's nice to hear the 4 part harmony which is hard to write in songs involving only the mane 6.
Otherwise, the music this season so far has been brilliant, if few and far in between and I always look forward to the next.


Apples to the Core is the one I had stuck in my head the most, so I'll go with that one.
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Anything and everything from the Weird Al / Cheese Sandwich episode  :3


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All of them were my favorite, but to be my most favorite out of all my favorites in season 4?
"You'll Play Your Part"
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Well, I have a couple, I can't just choose one...

- Bats!
- Apples to the core
- Glass of Water
- Pinkie the Party Planner
- Pinkie's Lament
- You'll play your part

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I'm with you Tiger.
Mine are:

-Glass of Water
-Make a Wish
-The Goof-Off
-Let the Rainbow Remind You
-You'll Play Your Part
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Pinkie's Lament & Apples to the Core

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-I love "Apples to the Core." I'll call this my favorite, but there's an annotation.

-I'm not counting the entire episode "Pinkie Pride." That thing was a great musical, and I don't think I can pick one song in it. It's probably the best episode of the season.

-"Play your Part" is a weird song. I hate a lot of things about it. The set up is random. The scenery is bland (though I like how vast the view of the land is, even if it's low detail). Twilights lyrics aren't very good. Yet, I've watched it a dozen times because I love seeing Celestia, Luna, and Cadance sing. The music picks up, and that along with their amazing voices is just incredible. I hope there's an extended version of this thing somewhere.
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I really like "You'll play your part" but, I also like "Apples to the Core" and "Pinkie's Lamnent". UGH! SO HARD TO DECIDE!  >:O I just wish it were easier to CHOOSE!!! >A< Anyways, I really like all the songs in Season 4. I can't wait for season 5!!!!!   :3

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All of em! especially the season4 final part 2 one... that one made me cry... :')


Ugh o_o

If I try to decide, my head will surely explode. However, I really loved Pinkie's Lament, extended Make a Wish, Generosity, Glass of Water, You'll Play Your Part, Hearts Strong as Horses..... ALL OF THEM!!!  <3 (minus Bats; not my fav.  :/ )
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The Goof Off is probably my favorite, just because it's so dense and crazy and well written! :D

But I also really liked:
Hearts as Strong as Horses
all the songs from Pinkie Pride.
and Apples to the Core

The rest of season 4's songs were decent, but they didn't give me that same level of awesomeness as the above songs did.

If I had to name a least favorite, it'd have to be "You'll Play your Part". I don't really get how people can enjoy it when I can't even catch the Melody, (let alone remember the lyrics) not to mention if I wanted to hear a decent "I want more" song I'd just pop in a Disney movie. :/

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Quote from: Dylanbob on 2014 Mar 16, 14:21:35
I just thought it was far enough in the season to see what songs you guys like c;
I personally like Apples to the Core. I really liked how they sang about family, and how Pinkie joined in on the last verse.
I had a hard time deciding between this, Make a wish, and Bats!

I can't really pick a favourite. My top 5, in no order, are:
Apples to the core
Hearts as strong as horses
The Super Party Pony
Cheese Confesses
Pinkie's Rap

Dream Bolt

Oh, man. That's a toughie. I can't really chose between Apples to the Core and the song of the four princesses.

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My favorite song of the whole series is Pinkie the Party Planner from the beginning of Pinkie Pride.  It makes me feel happier than any other.  I love the rhythm and sound and I haven't stopped singing it since the episode aired.  I looked up the lyrics and memorized them just to make sure I got the whole thing stuck in my head.  :D
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Season four had some fantastic songs.
1. Final reprise of Find the Music
2. Play Your Part
3. Bats song
4. Apples to the Core
5. Let the Rainbow Remind You
6. Anything from best episode, Pinkie Pride  :D <3

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