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Started by Lucky Hoofover, 2014 Feb 19, 05:25:33

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Lucky Hoofover

I use Source Engine like nothing else, so it was natual when the first GMod ponies came out a few years back I made my own OCs.

A few years of upgrades later this is what I've got now:

Lucky - Frontal
Lucky - Left Side
Lucky - Right Side
Lucky (Sleep Mane) - Frontal
Lucky (Sleep Mane) - Left Side
Lucky (Sleep Mane) - Right Side
Lucky's Headphones
Lucky - Headphones on Neck
Lucky - Headphones On

And my female counterpart, Sunbeam:

Sunbeam - Front
Sunbeam - Left
Sunbeam - Right
Sunbeam - Pendant
Sunbeam - Pendant (Open)

The Ask Blog

I made the model of his glasses and her necklace myself. I need to update the necklace to add more polygons to it.

Here's what I made in the website pony editor:

I got far enough into the test last month to get glasses for him but they clipped through his nose and were much too tiny. Can't be too picky though, since it's so early into development.
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hi,i love ponies


I love Sunbeam's look  ^-^

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