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Started by Mizuki, 2014 Feb 19, 04:58:32

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Princess Lilithiana Heart

I hand drew mine shes a princess she has a cutie mark that shows several talents and shes very cool can i post that


Quote from: Mizuki on 2014 Feb 19, 04:58:32
It's an unofficial rule that "odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing" design-wise. (They "look pretty" for some reason. Don't ask me what the science behind it is, I'm sure it's math-related though)

Actually, it is a math-related thing!

Well, not necessarily all even numbers.

It's actually a Fibonacci thing. Basically all numbers found in nature are in the Fibonacci Sequence. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. As you can see, the vast majority of those low numbers are odd. But you will occasionally see an 8-petal flower. And a lot of things have 2-fold symmetry.

But that is a good guideline for creating anything you want to look "natural".

Also, if you want to design proportions, using the Golden Rectangle (another thing related to the Fibonacci Sequence) is a good idea.
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Um so what if by chance you kind of umm... cant draw?
Im asking for a friend of course...  X3


Misty Fly

my oc is a daughter of Celestia cousin of discord she is loved by everyone and is friends with all the main six oh and don't forget the overly bright neon colors and let's not forget the unnecessarily long name to make sure it REALLY stands out i mean unique? pff who want's that nowadays? earth ponies are too mainstream anyway *puts on hipster glasses*

Aqua Fire

My oc WAS a green dragon, but now, she is a daughter of a bat and pegasus, younger sister of a bat pony, friends with all kinds of creatures(including Star, a siren), and is very unique herself(most of these perks came from Lightning Bliss). She is a yellow earth pony, with an orange/blue mane, orange and blue gloves, orange and blue eyes, a griffion tail, a rainbow dash styled mane, she has water and fire powers(don't question my logic, though I'd question it, myself.), and half a fireball, half a waterdroplet as a cutiemark.

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And all that came from ONE drawing at school.

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