Changelings in the Everfront (Or: How we got horribly lost in the woods.)

Started by Blindfire, 2014 Jan 27, 09:25:50

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Hi everypony. The open access weekend was a LOT of fun, though I personally only got to play Sunday night. Anyway, I felt like attempting to come up with an in character log based on my adventures with everypony, those who joined me in investigating a rather odd pony who was obviously a Changeling. Yeah, this is based on the adventure we had in the Everfront (wow I hope I got that name right), how we got there, and what happened afterwards as a log written by Liven Courier, as an except from the most recent book by him and his sister. So! If you all who joined me are okay with me doing this, please contact me. If you aren't, again please contact me. I must admit to forgetting a few character names, and I'd like to know how you'd like to be portrayed. Though to be honest, I could also use some help with the changed names of places. Anyway, anypony who followed Nota Changeling into the Everfront Forest on Sunday night, get in contact with me. Partially because of the story, partially because it was awesome exploring with you and talking to you all again would be awesome! Oh, and if the player of Nota Changeling could contact me as well, that would be awesome. You did a great job playing up the "herald of the changelings" thing, and I don't know if I could pull off your way of writing to my usual standard, so I'd like to see if you want to contribute your own lines to the story. Or anyone in fact. Well, that's all I've got on the matter at the moment, so safe travels everypony!

I don't have much to add here, since I wasn't there during all this. Interesting to hear there are Changelings being that overt though. Last I heard they were a lot more subtle. That and I'm surprised to hear the story for Liven, hadn't expected him to not have been in the Everfree before. It's not that bad, most of the time anyway. Well, I've said my piece. Enjoy the Chaos everypony.
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