Thank you for playing in our open server weekend!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Jan 27, 04:27:34

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Hello, everyone!

Thank you for playing on our open server! We had a super-fun time, and we learned a lot. I hope you all had fun, and we will be sure to have another open server event soon.

We loved having you playing out game. If you want to submit screenshots, videos, or otherwise, feel free to post in this thread here:

Thanks again, all!


Then it was over...

At least I had the final post on my server.

Thunder Jet: Yay


Quote from: Somebeing on 2014 Jan 27, 04:32:01
Then it was over...

At least I had the final post on my server.

Thunder Jet: Yay

And I was right about to say
">Ellowee announces end of weekend
>still playing"

And then the server went down <XD

I had fun though. Can't wait for another one next year :D

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It's over..... At least I had loads of fun inside... Hope to look forward towards the next server opening!

- Crystal Winter  :3

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I wish it didn't have to end... Sure, the chat was clunky, there wasn't much questing, but the experience! The experience was magical! To be able to explore Equestria and hang around with your fellow bronies... It was magic.  ono


I'll miss you all! it was such a grand time!
I probably should have spent my Sunday on homework, but I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll still think it was worth it! Hope with me!
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Had a blast! And even though the servers have closed their doors for now, I tend to feel that good things are always better when they're a  ;)

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Had a great time at the end there. At first I felt a little miserable about it on Thursday night, but as the days went by I began to enjoy myself. Can't wait till the next test.


Aw darn it, I missed most of it! Didn't get to play with my friends as we planned! >.<

I was hoping they'd extend it for a day instead of four hours. I'm a sad bunny right now. :s


Just want to say thanks for letting us in to see what has happened. I have loved seeing the progress that has been made and must thank you guys for tying up the login issue! It's been a blast, looking forward to the next one :)


And I only found out about this now :( Typical timing!


That was the greatest time of my life, thank you so much!  :D


This was the first time I ever moderated for a game, or moderated for something of this magnitude (LoE is such a HUGE project!) and while I still have room for improvement, I feel like I learned a lot and am eternally grateful for the opportunity and the experience ^-^

Hope to see you all again next time! :D

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Next time, could you explain more clearly about the registering and logging in stuff? Maybe by introducing a readme file detailing the steps?
Many people didn't understand why they could not log in, until it was too late.

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I didn't get to play it once, it would never to me in ever. That needs to be fixed 


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It was wonderful! :3

My first time was the weekend before this one, and that time the game was remarkably different than the current, I was surprised how much it had improved :3 Also last time I only did quests and explored on my own, but this time I didn't do any quests at all but instead explored with other players - and made friends! :P

P.S. Allow private servers to be hosted so we could play more often! D:


I had an awesome time trying this out.

I didn't spend any kind of time doing quests or anything, I was just content exploring the maps and seeing what could be found. Also, made a couple of new friends on there which was a really pleasant surprise.

There were a couple of things that will need some attention (I found the chat needs some refining, and that there were a few buildings in Ponydale that didn't have any solidity/collision data), but I'm sure that will be ironed out in future revisions  ^-^

I can't wait to visit Equestria again! Well done to all involved!  :D


How long till the servers are open full time? :3



Thanks everyone for playing! Even though we played only 3 days, I've got so much good memories!
You guys are best! Everyone!

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