my oc : Blood Moon

Started by cblood519, 2014 Jun 15, 00:14:15

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Name: Blood Moon
Age: 14
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Dark purple fur with Long flowing mane and tale that is night sky blue, blood red and is usually unbrushed
Cutie Mark/special talent: a blood red moon with a black heart in the center/ brings joy throughout the night to stargazers by changing the moon to a dark beautiful red
Personality:shy but helpful
Bio:loves to make new friends, will help when and where ever he can because he hates seeing other ponies sad because he grew up around a family that was always fighting,


Blood Moon, Terraria much?
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Quote from: Yellowpikmin476 on 2014 Jun 15, 00:28:09
Blood Moon, Terraria much?

It can also be referred to a total lunar eclipse because it gives off a reddish color.

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Personally when I hear the term it reminds me of Gromas 16.

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