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Started by -EmoShy-, 2013 Oct 13, 11:51:34

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2013 Oct 13, 11:51:34 Last Edit: 2013 Oct 14, 12:31:46 by -EmoShy-
 :P [glow=red,2,300]Hello! Welcome to my art gallery![/glow] :P
     [glow=red,2,300]I will upload 1 mabie 2 works a week[/glow]  :3

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Pinkie Pie

Spoiler: show

Derpy Hooves

Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show
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2013 Oct 14, 22:59:42 #1 Last Edit: 2013 Oct 15, 09:30:24 by SolarStorm
Edit: I really do hope you didn't steal art  DD: That is really something you shouldn't do

Sea Foam

2013 Oct 14, 23:58:45 #2 Last Edit: 2013 Oct 15, 00:00:41 by Sea Foam
I'd like to bring this Deviantart account to your attention.


I found many of the works that you clam ownership to on this account.



I'm sure I would find the rest if I looked hard enough.

In any case, unless you are Mysticalpha under a different name, this is an act of art theft which is generally frowned upon wherever you go. I suggest you take these pictures down and refrain from doing something of this nature again, as many will take this as a very serious offence.

This is, of course, assuming you are not Mysticalpha.
Regardless, I will need to see some proof.

If you cannot provide proof and you do not take these pictures down, moderators will be notified.

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Proudy Hooves

2013 Oct 15, 01:14:57 #3 Last Edit: 2013 Oct 15, 01:21:21 by Proudy Hooves
I think you feel bad at the moment.
Cause there are not even your works as Sea Foam said. I recognize mysticalpha's style. Even the poorly erased watermarks of author on them. Totally no offence for you.

We are encountering the first even art thief in forums? :<

PS: Don't forget to notice her about this stuff.
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Zeld Pon

isnt that  Mysticalphas work?


Quote from: Sea Foam on 2013 Oct 14, 23:58:45
Regardless, I will need to see some proof.

If you cannot provide proof and you do not take these pictures down, moderators will be notified.

I've seen enough proof.  An artist showing off their artwork won't remove their own watermarks and use imgur to host them if their already posted on dA.  I've also noticed one other discrepency.  I'm sorry, I have 0 tolerance for this stuff.


Do not claim other artist's work as your own.

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