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Started by Liska, 2012 Apr 06, 00:06:41

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Chishio Kunrin

I'm kind of glad it's gone. It was kind of awkward that the popular/well-liked people who posted quite a bit had so much rep. I ended up not giving them karma anymore because I thought "He/she has 85 rep. I mean, really. Surely he/she doesn't need more karma anymore."

That's not bad of me, right? Wasn't it awkward when most of us had like 10 or 17 or 30 rep when there were a few who had rep in the 70s and 80s?

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What Book Smarts said.
I gave Cerebrate -10,000 karma. Ehehe.  X3
Time to retire this thread.
Thanks for trying out karma. ^-^

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