Ponywars: Reloaded

Started by Asterian Starfall, 2013 Jul 05, 15:52:33

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Asterian Starfall

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Ponywars: Reloaded

Credit to Lyra Heartstrings for providing the base rules for this game!
I've taken her idea and completely re-done it to the maximum!

There are two factions: Solar Empire versus Lunar Republic.
You yourself are a part of the war!

This is a very complex game, but don't be intimidated!

Asterian, playing as Starfall alongside Rarity, The Doctor, and Lyra for the Solar Empire.

Spoiler: show
How to play:
Starting out:
Choose your faction.
Pick three other ponies from the show to be your soldiers. These will be your soldiers. You can not choose ones that are already taken.
The game will start with one squad from the Solar Empire, followed by a squad from the Lunar Republic, then a different Solar Empire squad, and so on.
One turn is one squad from each team having posted. For instance, a Solar Empire squad then a Lunar Republic squad having made their move is one turn.
For each active squad-mate you control, counting yourself, you get one action point per turn, up to a maximum of three. This does not carry over between turns.
You then choose from your actions. What happens depends on the action chosen and any buffs/debuffs. You must state what action(s) you are performing, who is performing them, and who they affect.
Each unit has 10 Health, which can be Overhealed, up to 20. When this number reaches 0, that unit is "Demoralized" and begins to Panic. If after two turns their Health is not brought above zero, that unit Flees, and is no longer in the fight.
Each faction is protecting a Power Crystal, which has 50 Health, and it regenerates 1 Health per turn. If the crystal's health ever reaches 0, the other team is declared the victor.

All actions consume one action point unless stated.
All actions require only one active unit unless stated.
You can only aid your units unless stated.
You can not directly attack the Power Crystal if there is at least one unit defending it. This does not apply if a target is marked with /\.
You can not attack the same target twice in one turn, unless that target is the enemy Power Crystal. This does not apply if there are a total of six or fewer units remaining.
You can not perform the same action twice in one turn.
A unit that is Demoralized can not take action that turn, nor can they earn you action points.
You are the squad leader. If a squad leader Flees, the entire squad Flees as well.
You can not attack a squad leader directly unless he is the last in his/her squad. He/she can still receive damage via Sonic Rainboom and be marked with * via Exploit Weakness.
Squad leaders can take action and be buffed by defensive and utility maneuvers.

Actions List:
Swift Attack: Deals one damage to target.
Dancing Blade: Deals one damage to three targets. These targets do not have to be in the same squad. (Requires two action points)
Fire Blast: Deals one damage to a single target, then one additional damage on the next turn. (Requires two active units)
Sonic Rainboom: Deals one damage to every unit in a squad. (Requires two active units)
Benevolence: Heals a target for two Health. Can Overheal.
Shield: Marks a friendly target with +. The next damage-dealing attack is nullified.
Harmonizing Chorus: Heals all units in a squad for two Health. Can not Overheal. (Requires two active units)
Stasis: Marks a target with (). That target is invincible and untargetable, but unable to act for two turns. (Requires two action points)
Target: Marks an enemy target with *. The next damage-dealing attack deals double damage.
Sneak Attack: Marks a friendly target with /\. The next attack that unit makes will deal double and direct damage to the Power Crystal. (Requires two action points)
Leech: Marks self with <>. The next damage-dealing attack made by that unit will heal the target for half amount of damage dealt, rounded up to the nearest point. Can not Overheal.
Exploit Weakness: Marks an entire squad with *. (Requires two active units and two action points)

Good luck.

Spoiler: Example Turn • show

~Solar Empire~                       ~Lunar Republic~
-Squad 1-                                -Squad 2-
Player 1: 10                             Player 2: 10
Twilight Sparkle: 10                Applejack: 10
Rarity: 10                                 Pinkie Pie: 10
Rainbow Dash: 10                  Fluttershy: 10

Solar Empire's turn.
Squad 1 earns three action points. Twilight Sparkle marks Fluttershy with *. Rainbow Dash uses Swift Attack, consuming the mark and dealing 2 damage. Rarity marks herself with <>.
End of Squad 1's move.
End of Solar Empire's move.

~Solar Empire~                       ~Lunar Republic~
-Squad 1-                                -Squad 2-
Player 1: 10                            Player 2: 10
Twilight Sparkle: 10                Applejack: 10
Rarity: 10<>                           Pinkie Pie: 10
Rainbow Dash: 10                  Fluttershy: 8

Lunar Republic's turn.
Squad 2 earns three action points. Player 2 uses Benevolence on Fluttershy, healing her for two health. Pinkie Pie uses Dancing Blade, dealing damage to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity.
End of Squad 2's move.
End of Lunar Republic's move.

~Solar Empire~                       ~Lunar Republic~
-Squad 1-                                -Squad 2-
Player 1: 10                             Player 2: 10
Twilight Sparkle: 9                 Applejack: 10
Rarity: 9<>                             Pinkie Pie: 10
Rainbow Dash: 9                   Fluttershy: 10

End of turn.

Post Merge

I am siding with the Solar Empire.
I select Rarity, the Doctor (Doctor Whooves), and Lyra Heartstrings as my squad-mates.

~Solar Empire~              ~Lunar Republic~
-Squad 1-                       
Starfall: 10
Rarity: 10
The Doctor: 10
Lyra: 10
"Luck is how you explain an overly-variabled scenario that went in your favor." - Asterian √Člire Starfall

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