I have a question to anypony who knows the answer!

Started by alexandas, 2013 Jan 14, 22:02:59

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2013 Jan 14, 22:02:59 Last Edit: 2013 Jan 15, 20:42:57 by alexandas
Are we allowed to post non-pony writings or not? i know this is a stupid question but i really don't know.
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This is for you, guys: http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=10581.msg878328#msg878328
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Quote from: WolfsGhost
Fanfiction, or any other stories related to, or unrelated to, Legends of Equestria or the My Little Pony fandom, are to be posted in the Story (main) section of the board with a LINK to your discussion board within the first post.

Writing is an art form. Just like we can post non-pony art in the arts section, so too can we post non-pony writing here.


yea like Midnight said, anything non-pony will be fine as long as you dont break any rules

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