Honeydew's Honey Drive charity fundraiser

Started by Chishio Kunrin, 2012 Dec 11, 19:36:34

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Chishio Kunrin

Feeling charitable this December? The Yogscast is doing a fundraiser for two Oxfam charities. They have been raising since the 1st of this month, and they're going to keep raising until the end of the month. Once they pass their goal, they'll put up a new goal.

What charities are they raising for?
- Plan Bee: This charity provides training and a workshop for the manufacture of modern beekeeping equipment for Ethopian families. It will open up new jobs and allow beekeepers to earn a better living for their families.
- 365 Emergency Fund: This is a specialised project dedicated to aiding emergency situations worldwide. Oxfam responds to around 25 situations worldwide at any one time, so your money can really make a difference!

Where can you donate?
Right here: http://www.justgiving.com/yogscast

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