Getting EXTREMLY Paranoid

Started by Moonlight Paradise, 2012 Oct 07, 18:56:04

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Moonlight Paradise

My dad left the house a few hours ago, but he said that he would only be gone about 50 minutes. He was going to pick my brother up from something going on in town. The sun is going down, I'm locked in my room listening to Pinkie Pie's smile song, and I keep on hearing things. My heart is pounding and my hands are shaking. I tried calling both my mom and my dad, but my mom didn't answer, and when I called my dad there was this fuzzy buzzing sound. HELP ME I'M GONNA DIE I DON'T WANNA DIE HEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dont panic ponys are here and your family is probaly just stuck in trafic and will return shortly, phone signals can often be bad while driving which may expain that and as for the noises it could just be random sounds like radiators taps even somebody next door (not sure on the full cercamstances) but just put some headphones in and watch somthing to take your mind off things  ^-^

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Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes, I swear my mom is on a completely different time zone. Just don't worry about it, and if they're not back by morning, then that's when I would start to worry.


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you and I have something in common. PaNiC. I have panic attacks and anxiety problems alot and I swear, when I'm home alone, I always think that there is someone breaking in. Here's what I do. Take a deep breath. Breathe deeply for as long as you need. Do have a tv or a laptop or something? Watch a show or something, get yourself some food. Tell yourself you won't die. Like to draw? Brink your sketchbook to the tv and watch mlp. Sometimes, shows for me trigger panic feelings when I'm panicing(hard to explain but watching mlp usually doesn't help). Try to get your mind off of it. Text a friend or rp. Set a panic time when you KNOW something is going wrong. like say to yourself "if my parents aren't home by eleven or midnight then I have something to worry about but for now im ok'. If that time comes and they still aren't home, call a friend or someone you know to come get you. I highly doubt this will happen. Take a deep breath. Listen to calming music. Have a cat? Cats always cheer me up. take a deep breath. your fine

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Moonlight Paradise

Yeah, you guys are right. I just need to calm down. I probably shouldn't have been watching videos as scary as the ones I was watching when I was home alone at night.   :c X3 Just gotta keep a sane mind!  ovO  :P Eyup, totally sane.
I forgot about the show for a while and when I turned back there were ponies everywhere.


glad you're feeling better!  <3

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Happy to see you're feeling better! and just right before i was going to make a post  :P
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Those noises you were hearing could have been an overactive imagination. If it's quiet when you hear them that could also explain it. As I've noticed when I leave my room quiet I can hear other noises I didn't pay much attention to pretty easily. Like I'm pretty sure I can hear my TV's electronic noises when nothing else is going on in the room. Or my PC fan when it's not being used much. I know I hear noise from something when it's quiet. It could be any number of things in my room though.

Moonlight Paradise

My dad got home at 2:00 AM last night. Apparently there had been major traffic and in the dark he got lost. The sounds were my cat, who, had gotten into the dinner leftovers. His phone was turned off, so that explains why I couldn't call him... well, thanks to all of the ponies who expressed their concern!  ^-^
I forgot about the show for a while and when I turned back there were ponies everywhere.

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