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Started by hyper drive [HD], 2012 Sep 30, 22:03:20

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hyper drive [HD]

Quote from: LaptopCommandStation on 2012 Nov 02, 20:54:31

In America this is a SPORT!!  :o

I don't even know how to go about getting ANY kind of non-lethal weapons in Canada(Aside from paintball guns Actually...I don't know where to get those either...)
i never really get my guns from stores. store brand isnt the best what your looking for is online buy something cheap entry level if you want to get into it. but i do watch videos of people in canada that play airsoft and they have some cool fields. you just usually go to a paintball place and see what days if they do airsoft game days.

hyper drive [HD]

sorry dp

biggest event i have ever hosted sometime around thanksgiving and or Christmas. my friends and i are hosting a zombie game with over 50 people in game just from school. and some other little friends. we are going up to my friends house and he lives up in the woods and not to far there ia one gigantic 3 or 4 story high zipline. ill post pictures of events and is so videos. more info added later


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I'm interested in airsoft guns, but because of laws in Australia, it's illegal!   >:(

"As legislation and regulations stand airsoft guns are often grouped with prohibited military style assault weapons or machine guns because of their appearance and automatic manner of operation. As state and federal laws also prohibit the possession or importation of (firing)replica weapons of the class airsoft guns usually replicate."

blah blah blah....
The pain of hurts...

hyper drive [HD]

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