Guess who's getting a new comp?

Started by Rad Thunder, 2012 Sep 08, 18:50:55

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Rad Thunder

I've finally had enough with the broken tower I've had for 2 years, so I decided to spend some of the cash I saved up and get myself a new one!
I got myself an Alienware tower and got a 2nd graphics card for it. It's gonna be the best I can buy for gaming! :3 I had to leave it overnight so they can install the extra card, so I have to use my sister's laptop for now. But by this time tomorrow, I'll be set with a new computer! :D
I'll show pics tomorrow too.

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Rad Thunder

Book Smarts

Congrats  :D

I still have my slow but hearty laptop  :l

Lord of Madness

I recently bought a gaming Keyboard... its pretty awesome :D
P.S. CONGRATS on you Alien wear


Ooh grats  :3
I hope to upgrade my desktop when I get a job. Getting tired of constant slow down due to lack of RAM. Also, I am in need of a new graphics card. CPU is a beaut. 3.0ghz. c:

Rad Thunder

A little tip if you upgrade graphics. Sometimes it's better to get two less powerful cards then to get one beefy card. Running them simutaneously is just as good as running the one big one.

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