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Started by Firey, 2012 Sep 05, 04:06:21

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Oddly Because of my schooling I could be considered a master (usually a 30 year trial is accomplished before being considered one) and Im only 19 :3 I am pretty much qualified to work on Nuclear reactors... even though replacing anything on one  takes about 20 hours. even a single wire needs A LOT of approvals from 2 different people of different respects. I am happy I really thought ahead in my career choice.

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Father is a patent litigation consultant with a Master's in Computer Engineering, Mother is a nurse at Stanford Medical Center, and I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering and hope to get a Master's in it, possibly PhD, and work in nanoelectronics and computing of some sort.
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I'm a Mental Health Technician, been working full-time in my hospital's psych ward for 2 years now. Let me tell you, working in the mental health field really wears at your own sanity, after the first year I had to be put on Paxil. It doesn't help that we get paid a whopping 8 dollars an hour, especially considering we have to deal with patients who are physically combative, morbidly obese and need to be lifted and bathed, or incontinent and have to be cleaned.

Comically enough, my parents both work at the same hospital. My mom's the Night Supervisor and my step-dad's the Head of Houskeeping.

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Sad as it may be... going throughout the whole course of my life i have had only a few past part-time jobs.   One was from when i was around 10 - 12 years old and i used to deliver the papers to ever one on my route,  other then that i only ever else worked in the library.  Though i am planning on returning back to college coming up this January. 
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I work at a supermarket just down the street. That is the only official place so far.
I don't really shine, too dirty.

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