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Started by Xeno Aura, 2012 Jun 09, 18:21:13

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Xeno Aura

2012 Jun 09, 18:21:13 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 28, 19:02:07 by Electro-BLITZ
Decided to create a thread for my songs, all made in a few minutes, so don't expect much from them. :)



Will add more as I make them, hope you enjoy them. :)

As always feel free to tear them apart, ideally with constructive criticism included. :D

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hyper drive [HD]

Xeno Aura

Thanks. :)

Hopefully get more on in a few days, have 2 Maths exams in the next 4 days though, so busy, busy, busy.

Vinyl light

2012 Jun 11, 19:56:44 #3 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 11, 20:02:12 by Vinyl light
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Peace =

Peace that's the song of harmony. it felt like all my energy just drifted away,  ima tell you the truth that song made me shed a tear.

Xeno Aura

Thanks. :)

Want to try and get used to doing other types of music, but i find ones like that are fairly easy to make them come together.

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