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Started by Blues-Music, 2012 Jun 08, 12:47:08

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There is a new game coming out called welcome to ponyville its a fanmade game about you being a new pony ,and doing pretty much everything even though you don't move or see your pony you pick your locations ,and everypony you talk to ,and how it gives you choices on what you want to say which grows friendship or hatred towards the pony you are talking to you can talk ,and meet everypony progressing towards the story line sadly it isn't out yet ,but they had two trailers.
One for explaining the game:
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
One for explaining the romance aspect of the game:
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The game has made progress ,but they are in need of voice actors ,and artists so if you can voice or supply art for the game that will be great to help it progress even faster heres all you need to know about it https://docs.google.com/document/d/17_HCpb4UYaoRjzgrRB0GSUerI67p3AaWFlzD4GPWaZo/edit?pli=1


This is pretty incredible. I'm gonna follow the development a little more closely now.

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