LEGENDS of EQUESTRIA(noobs question)

Started by Twilight Cake(rus), 2012 Jun 06, 11:21:56

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Twilight Cake(rus)

 :] Hello everybrony,I'm brand new here, recently registered... Note: I am Russian :D
I found the game on the Internet(LoE)
I want to ask you a question...
When the development of the game is over?  o_O
I ask the administration of the forum did not treat me badly,ok?
It's all for today

                                               by Twilight Cake(rus)  X3
                                               P.S. Hello to all the Russian

Night Pony

Welcome to our forum!
As for your question,there is no release date.The answers we got from the developers are "Soon" or "When the game is ready."
For more answers look up the FAQ on the main website.

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Hello, thanks for joining!

As Night Pony pointed out we can't give a concrete release date. Since this is a fan made project it relies entirely on volunteer work and the motivation and free time of members involved. Thus we cannot set a concrete release date as it will no doubt be missed, disappointing countless people.

On the other hand, we do release videos and updates on our progress periodically, so you can see how far along we are in production. In the mean time, please look forward to future updates about our progress.


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Swebow put up a page with useful links for keeping track of our progress here.


You just ask how much of the game is done before it comes out.
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Quote from: byndbored on 2012 Jun 06, 18:25:46
You just ask how much of the game is done before it comes out.

They really have gotten quite a bit done, but they're not close to being finished. I'm really sure there will likely not be an open Alpha. Not sure about Beta, though.

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