Anypony here play Modern Warfare 3?

Started by Silver Wind, 2012 May 31, 03:55:30

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Silver Wind

I just want to know if anypony out there is interested in making a small clan for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

I Play Battlefield 3 as well but im not good at that game. DD:

Lord of Madness

im one of the best snipers you can find on BW3 my friend ADD ME Lord 0f Madness the 0 in the 0f is a zero


I own it for xbox 360, but I very rarely play it, my GT is PinkiePie Style, I may play it occasionally


I kinda rage quit this game, without intent on truly playing again. If it had better maps on disc and better spawns, I would actually play it more...

Hmm, if I had people to play I may play it a bit, not sure. And all my friends have quit it for the same reasons. Meh, what can I say, we got tired of enemies spawning 5 feet behind us after we just killed them...
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still playing CoD4 here on the pc!  X3]Dota2 Brony Community Steam[/URL]         

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