Fraps/MSI afterburner emulator recording issue

Started by CyanideInsanity, 2012 May 29, 00:45:49

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I've asked in a couple of places and haven't got an acceptable answer yet... So I'll ask here for in hopes for an answer, or at the very least maybe a small discussion.

I started doing lets plays on youtube and took about a month long break after getting my video card. Attempting to record again I find I'm getting a ridiculously low frame rate on a GBA and N64 emulator. This is really confusing seeing as how I was recording them at full speed running off my i5 2320's integrated hd 2000, and I now have a gtx 560...

So the games run perfectly, but when I got to record the fps drops massively. I also did a test with a ps2 emulator, I can record it perfectly at 1080p with 60 frames... yet the gba emu runs at about 9 fps and isn't even 720p. I've also tested on skyrim a bit, and can manage 30-45 fps at 1080p with ultra settings. (copy/paste FTW!)

Anyone know why I'm unable to record gba and n64, yet I can record ps2 at 1080p perfectly?
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I would recommend trying other emulators since both may have been written wrong to an extent that they are taking more of your computers memory than they should.

This is just my guess, I could be completely wrong

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