Maybe this was a bad idea.

Started by Johannes, 2012 May 27, 19:31:29

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2012 May 27, 19:31:29 Last Edit: 2014 Jun 01, 18:44:55 by Electro-BLITZ
Oh well...

The song is Karjalan Kunnailla (The Hills of Karelia (?)).
I warn you, my singing voice isn't the best.

I tried to sing English version too but it didn't sound as good. So that's why it's Finnish.

I wasn't alone at home so I didn't want to sing that loud.
I'll sing something tomorrow when I'm alone. I just don't know what.

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If only I spoke/understood finnish.  :c
Either way your voice sounds very nice!
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Quote from: Pinkie Pie on 2012 Jun 01, 10:42:11
If only I spoke/understood finnish.  :c
Either way your voice sounds very nice!

Thanks! That means a lot for me. :D
Spoiler: Here's English lyrics. • show
The hills of Karelia begin now to green
in the land that I long for, the fairest I've seen.
I can still hear in mem'ry the cockoos that sing
and my yearning to be there returns each spring.

How well I once knew all the woods, the hills,
and the blue hazy waters, the fiords, the rills.
I can sense the wood smoke that drifts to the skies,
the deep brooding silence beneath ancient trees.

Oh, there in the groves of the spruce I would roam
in the land that I love so, the land I call home.
On the hills of Karelia, bareheaded I'd stand
delighting to look at the beautiful land.

I failed a bit... I sang This Day Aria on Tuesday... I forgot to save it... :c

Btw, I have to use noice removal. My mic isn't good. (2 years old headphones, cost ~6€)
That messed up word 'kaskien'.


You should try again with this day aria, it seems a trend has been started on tiger's thread and now everypony is singing it!
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