Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

Started by Firey, 2012 May 19, 07:12:55

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Would you prefer Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

Battlefield 3
6 (31.6%)
Modern Warfare 3
0 (0%)
...I like muffins (None of the Above)
13 (68.4%)

Total Members Voted: 19

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Please don't fire up any arguments in this thread because it's not nice and....yeah.     ^-^
So yeah, vote and stuff.

(You can still comment if you want!)
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Shadow Mare

Battlefield cause tanks and copters and planes and boats.

Sonic Heart

have modern warfare 3 , would prefer battlefield 3  :\
but above them all, i would prefer either Arma 3 or Battlefield 2 with the realistic mod on. I prefer realistic warfare over "attack attack destroy"  :l

Book Smarts

Battlefield since if I'm having a bad game, I can just hop in a tank and get some good old fashion revenge  ovO


Ghost Recon because actual tactics. Teehee.


Well I played the BF3 beta, and it felt like I'd have to spend a couple weeks getting used to it, and I never played the retail game, or previous installments. And MW3 has problems that should not have been added, mainly the maps and curving bullets/hit detection(still better than BO though).

So I choose neither.
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Battlefield 3 for me, though I don't play that all too much either, most of my friends play CoD instead so..I got no squad to play with  >.<


Battlefield 3. I've never liked the CoD series.

Plus, I can kill ponies with something that is supposed to heal them!  8D -Trolling Medic (AKA Assault Class)-
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Battlefield 3 all the way if I had to choose one. I actually used to be in a Brony BF3 forum until a lot of us split up. I really don't like any of the Call of Duty games due to the lack of work Treyarch and Infinit- Sledgehammer games put into the games. The terrible community of the game series doesn't really help with my overall opinion of the game either. I don't play Battlefield 3 much anymore but still I prefer it over any modern CoD game. I play a lot of other games so I haven't thought about getting into BF3 at all.


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