Torchlight 2

Started by DXLelouch, 2012 May 18, 23:13:41

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whos getting it
i got accepted into the beta  ^-^

Lan Sukasa

I got into the beta as well, it's pretty fun. I'm considering on pre-purchasing it through Steam, since Gamestop has those Steam Wallet cards now.  :]


steam wallet cards eh?
excellent now i dont have to convince my dad Valve is a legitamente or hth you spell that word company so i can preorder it online


I think i'm gonna buy it aswell...
Loved Torchlight1 so why wouldn't i love this one?  ^-^

Book Smarts

I saw the beta and it's interesting, but I have a lot on my plate with Diablo III and my Let's Play! series

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