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Started by Lan Sukasa, 2012 May 10, 20:10:32

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Lan Sukasa

I'm surprised nopony created a thread about it. (Or maybe somepony else already did, and I'm just not aware of it?)

Anyhow, discuss the games, and the fandom such as remixes, fangames, fanart, and other stuff.

Favorite game: Imperishable Night
Favorite spinoff game: Hisoutensoku (12.3 - Unthinkable Natural Law)
Favorite character: Sakuya Izayoi
Favorite song: Flowering Night (SWR)

If you don't know what Touhou is, look at this.

Itty Bit

Ah Touhou. I remember last summer I tried my hardest to get into the franchise, but just... couldn't understand the hype. I did enjoy Megamari a ton though, as well as Unthinkable Natural Law :)


I played the heck out of those games last year (though I never got good enough to 1cc on Hard...) I don't know much about the fandom, but I'm a big fan of the games and the music (particularly remixes). Always good to see Touhou getting more recognition.  :]

Favorite game: Imperishable night
Favorite spinoff game: not familiar with most of them, but Fairy Wars seems pretty cool (no pun intended)
Favorite character: tie between Sakuya and Marisa
Favorite song: Hartmann's Youkai Girl or Onigashima in the Fairyland
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My fav game has to be Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil mostly because I love Flandre Scarlet
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