I can't log in??

Started by Irken-Pony, 2019 May 16, 15:25:30

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2019 May 16, 15:25:30 Last Edit: 2019 May 16, 16:53:30 by Irken-Pony
So recently i downloaded the latest update (after a long while of not playing the game) and it was fun! i missed playing it. Come 2 days later, i plays it again, and there's a button that's just stuck at the top of the screen that i don't remember being there, i can't even read what it says because it's cut off half way from the screen.
I go to log in, and my info was gone (usually my user name is already there and i just have to put in the extra passcode to simply continue past the login). It wasn't a problem at all to simply put the username and password again, but after that, it was kinda just stock on the "Logging in" part. i was still able to move around and stuff, but it be like 6-10 minutes of nothing after entering my login.

I'm just confused on why it's like that when there weren't problems after i updated it.

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ok i'm fine now.. i pretty much had to delete the game and redownload it :0

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