Talent Trees and Training points

Started by Noitome, 2019 Apr 26, 13:18:14

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I am new to this game, and I've only just now decided to play. Is it possible to go somewhere or can you manually reset your training points in your spell/skill tree to specialize in a different skill tree when you want, or are you automatically stuck with your choices until you make a new character?

Say for example you wanted to change your different starter skill attacks example (Seismic Toss buffed ) and switch to a different attack skill (Stored Strike buffed) or  (Magic skill) since you don't have lot of points to work with at the start.

I don't know the maximum amount of training points you can get per character so I don't know if you can potentially learn every spell, skill, and tree leveled and buffed anyway in the long run. Or do you need to choice what your focus your TP points is in the long run?


Currently, there is no way to reset and the number of skillpoints doesn't seem to be enough to skill everything.
Don't worry - I'll fix that

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