Team Cloudsdale Winter Games 2019!

Started by Sir Dead Puppy, 2019 Jan 08, 00:32:07

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Sir Dead Puppy

2019 Jan 08, 00:32:07 Last Edit: 2019 Jan 08, 00:48:32 by Sir Dead Puppy
Once more unto the breach, dear Pones!!

Sky Arrow

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It's time for the Winter Games, and once more Team Cloudsdale will be there! Forwards to victory and glory, my friends!! Friendship conquers all! And together we will show them what we can do!!

With the best ponies our team has to offer and training already underway, with luck and hard work, we hope to win those gold medals and have fun and build friendships along the way!

- SirDeadPuppy
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CMC Scootaloo

Scootaloo is ready. She was ready for this before she was born! B)
You always wanted to meet Scootaloo? Then be on the lookout for her in Equestria, she is galloping all over the realm!

Sunny Skies (NLR)

We are ready for the winter games! :D

List of members:

Sunny Skies (Captain)
SirDeadPuppy (Co-Captain)
Shadow Azure
Burning Sky Cloud
Crystal Bay
Flight Fire
Pony Jack
Nova Sparkling Dash
Black Orichalcos
Silver Heart
Sweet Wind
Ember Phoenix
Chrome Thunder
CMC Scootaloo


Golden Sky


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