Pumpkin Glow's Journal of Teleport Accidents aka "Adventures"

Started by Pumpkin Glow, 2018 Apr 27, 13:31:04

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Pumpkin Glow

The Nightmare Night Celebration in the new gala hall (with spooky SCC afterparty) was a huge success!  ^-^

There was much tomfoolery, dancing, stacking and a very nicely organized costume contest, which filled most of the evening.

Overall and well deserved winner of the contest was Word as the Horse Joker aka Jokesmith.  ^-^

But it was amazing to see every single pony's costume and how creative they were.  <3

I randomly threw a bunch of treats at ponies (at least the one's who saw the trade invite in all the festive chaos  ;) ). Hope that sweetened some of your evenings.  ^-^

And also that all of you have a good and easy transition into the darker and colder time of the year.  ^-^

I for one had an amazing time at my favorite holiday.  <3  <3  <3

(Twilight seems a little tired and Gloomy Ghost head -> desks... )

A spooky bonus.  ;)
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Pumpkin Glow

A few days ago Holly and I heckled our way through Bramble Woods.  ^-^

Then today we attended a party in the gala hall, which spontaneously turned into an EVENing Sit On EVENt... where we all sat on Even... for some reason.  :o

Later on my way to watch a ToD in the school... I had a... situation.

And an ominous angle on the ToD itself.  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

A few pictures of tonight's Old Autumn's Eve celebration (aka St. Martin's day).

Everypony met at the blimp in Cloudopolis and then went on a nice lantern procession down the main road, which ended at the cafe. There ponies shared food, snacks and treats, as well as each others company.

The lanterns were carried so we can bring light to everyponies lifes during the dark months and the food symbolicly shared so no pony will have to go hungry in the coming winter.  ^-^

Thank you all for coming and making it a super pleasant, relaxed and fun evening.  ^-^

(And sorry if I missed anyone with my snack trades. I tried to trade everyone at least once, but lost count after a while.  X3  )

Pumpkin Glow

Dryads are into stacking as well.  :o

More stacking at a "Baseball event" of sorts... 

I am finally STRONK enough to heckle the black rock naiads, so I took a celebratory picture with the lonesome black rock flower.  ^-^

A relaxing evening in the spa.  ^-^

And yesterday was Amareican Thanksgiving, for which ponies gathered in the School house for a cozy get together with lots of food and good company.
It was an all around pleasant and fun evening and I am thankful for all the ponies who have made LoE the positive experience that it is.  ^-^ 

(We also wish safe travels to Lemon Cloud who will be away for a while!)


Even Aerial Soundwaves left SCC to join us later.

Pumpkin Glow

Today was the big LoE Day celebration.

The winners of several voting categories were revealed. I believe the results will be posted in the P.O.N.I. thread soon. Every win and nomination was very deserved.  <3

Also everypony was invited to go on stage and share their LoE experiences with the community. There were a lot of heart warming speeches. ^-^

I hope these pictures give a bit of an impression of the good times that were had.  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

A good old random update...  ^-^

Target dummies appearing on the cottage lake.

Stumbled into a fun pony hangout after looking for newly placed cooking stations all over Equestria.

Looking at shooting stars late at night.

And then we had a nerve wrecking situation in SCC today, when a vague, yet menacing sand based agency tried to install the McHayburgers Inc. in SCC. Threatening to demolish SCC and opening an affordable and healthy fast food restaurant for "the greater good of the community".

Several ponies, including me, where hired under the threat of physical harm to give out free merchandise and advertise for the new McHayburgers restaurant, as well as take early bird orders, which had appeared in mysterious, unmarked crates in the SCC kitchen.

Secret agents of the vague, yet menacing sand based agency showed up to threaten everypony opposing the demolition of SCC.

Luckily a clone army of Pink Ponies, under the lead of Celestia showed up to oppose them and put an end to the threatening situation.

We are free from corporate tyranny once more.


Pumpkin Glow

Tonight we spent "Winter's Tale Night" (aka Krampus Nacht / St. Nikolaus) in the Cottage.

We had a cozy evening around the fireplace, ponies told festive stories, enjoyed each other's company and nibbled lots of cookies.  ^-^

Then later that night Krampus Horse showed up and gave coal to everypony!  :o
(And Rattle The Holiday Spirit was hanging out in the rafters.  ^-^  )

I might have gone a tad over board with pictures, but it was such a cozy and nice athmosphere.  ^-^

Krampus Horse gives out coal! Especially to foals who said S W E A R S...  O:

(Also when foals say a swear it becomes their cutie mark  O: )
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this topic is awesome. It's basically "I broke the game" the topic. Plus I learned some neat stuff, like that witch thing.(really haven't explored Evershade much)
You get up to some cool stuff. Too bad I wasn't at the Krampus thing(dang real life). Also, I subscribed to your YouTube. Also, I like how the Cottage(which I've never been to nor know the location of) actually has Christmas lights.

Pumpkin Glow

Hi and thank you very much.  ^-^

The cottage is not far from Midway Village in the Heartlands. You can see a lake from there and the cottage is right on the other side of it.  ^-^


And here are some stacking impressions from the Welcome Back Party for Lemon Cloud.  ^-^

We tried to take the magic train to the moon.  :o

Stacking continued in the CK. Even Aerial Soundwaves showed up to make it a proper stacking party.  ^-^
(Sorry for me making half of you plummet into the abyss when I had to leave.  :P )


oh, there was a party for Lemon Cloud? Huh. You really like the ^-^ emote, huh? Actually, your avatar has basically the same expression...

Pumpkin Glow

We had a little impromptu pre Hearth Warming party the other night.  ^-^

Also I am now lvl 50 (again).  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

Ponies, including the Mane Six, gathered for the Hearth Warming Helper event in the cottage today, where they exchanged presents and enjoyed each other's company as well as the cozy cottage atmosphere.

Even Santalestia showed up to bring joy and chicken nuggets to everypony.  ^-^

And after the cozy festivities ponies went to the Castle of he two Sisters and heckled the ancient artifacts.


The Hearth's Warming Party was fun. I just realized I am only in two of those screenshots, heh. And in one of them, I am sleeping.

It was a bit late, so I didn't go to the Castle (not that I know where exactly it is in the first place.)

Pumpkin Glow

I am sure there are lots of ponies who will be happy to take you on an expedition to the castle, if you ask in global.  ^-^

Today was the big Crystal Fair where many ponies offered their wares and fun games with prizes.
And there was also a very impressive air show by the Wonderbolts!

The Crystal Kingdom never felt so alive and I want to thank everypony who organized and participated in the festivities.
I had a great ol' time! ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

Enjoying the festive tree in Ponydale on Hearth's Warming Eve.

And the Hearth's Warming party in the gala hall.  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

A few impressions from Spring Strudel's birthday party.  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

And here are my impressions from the big New Year's party in Ponydale.  ^-^

One short thing I have to say before the pics:

There has rarely been a New Year's Eve where I haven't been horribly down and depressed.

But in LoE I finally found a place where I can go, feel comfortable and actually enjoy myself, even on a day that is normally just sad and a HUEG BUMMER for me.

And that is thanks to my wonderful partner Holly and all of the good ponies I had the pleasure of getting to know over the last year.

I wish you all a safe, successful and amazing 2019!

The New Year's STACC.

Pumpkin Glow

Pumpkin Glow

A random cloudy event in SCC.  ^-^

A random gathering in Cantermore.  ^-^

And a more or less random party in the gala hall... incl. an after party on the drawbridge.  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

A pic from Holiday'S birthday party, which was held spontaneously and in a small, familiar setting.

And impressions from the Winter Games 2019 Opening Ceremony.

(And I opened some pony merch, incl. Cutie Mark Crew, in case anyone is interested. Click me! ^-^ )

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