Pumpkin Glow's Journal of Teleport Accidents aka "Adventures"

Started by Pumpkin Glow, 2018 Apr 27, 13:31:04

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Pumpkin Glow

And the rest of the Winter Games 2019 impressions.  ^-^

End of the scavenger hunt, I think. I sadly missed most of that day...

Stacking Race early session.

Foal Curling early session.

Stacking Race late session.

Foal Curling late session.

Winter Games day 2 after party.

Ice Skating Race early session.

Ice Skating performance.

Ice Skating Race late session.

Winter Games 2019 Closing Ceremony.

And then evil bunny rabbits and other creatures (incl. a book snake!) attacked.  ^-^

I for one welcome our new bunny overlords.

Pumpkin Glow

Impressions from tonight's Carnival parade and party.  ^-^

And the Truth or Dare after party.

Pumpkin Glow

A pic from today's Lucky Clover Celebration.  ^-^

And some random stuff that has piled up in my folder...

Waiting for EEGS.

A fun pony gathering in Cloudopolis.

The day the TREE decided to trap ponies and turn them into a cronenbergian nightmare.

Pumpkin Glow

Some pictures from the Royal Guard event, where a bunch of fine ponies went through a series of more or less gruelling trials to be accepted as recruits into the Royal Guard.

And they all got accepted, because everypony did an outstanding job!  ^-^

Also there is a straight up open hole in the world at the ruins, where you can accidentally fall into.  :o

Pumpkin Glow

A random pony stack...

Lemon Cloud's birthday.  ^-^

A LOT of Maplesweets on April 1st.  :o

And a cozy get together at the cottage.  ^-^

Pumpkin Glow

Forgot the group pic from the cottage hangout last time.  ^-^

A party at the Ponydale gazebo with ground fog.  :o

And a pic from today's Poetry Slam at the Ponydale school house.  ^-^

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