How Do I Find Player Ponies?

Started by Scarlet_Quill, 2019 Jun 28, 18:16:49

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It kind of seems like every time I come on, regardless of the time of day, the servers are always dead empty. Is there are a specific time of day I should be aiming for to be able to socialize with non-NPCs?

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First of all unless you are Russian speaking I'd highly recommend you come on the Amareicas server.  The majority of players from all over the world (Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas) usually play there.

Second I'd suggest going on between 9 and 11 PM GMT (5-8 PM Eastern US Time).  That's likely when you're going to encounter the most active players.  There's also always a Roleplay Event every Friday at 4PM Eastern US and a Hide and Seek Event on Saturdays at 5PM Eastern US.  And of course there's usually a lot of other big gatherings or events held for birthdays, holidays, etc.  Just check some of the other topics in this forum for more info on those.

But the sad truth is that the game has updates that are very few and far between and a lot of players get bored and go off to play other games rather than hang out in Equestria all the time.  So you're probably just logging in at times when there's nopony around.  I'd just recommend you keep trying and eventually you're bound to make some friends.

There's also an official LoE Discord server where a lot of players chat and the link to that is here on the forum.

Hope to see you in Equestria.  ;)

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