How it's even possible?

Started by roka474, 2019 Jun 19, 10:30:40

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Well, i almost finished the all quests and i have 12 lvl.  DD:
How it's even possible to have  20lvl?? or 50?   o.O
Defeating mobs is hard and give little xp..
Or i am doing something wrong?
Because i have seen many ponies that have 25lvl or higher and i'm curious
Help.. many armors are for 15lvl +

chrome thunder

2019 Jun 19, 15:13:52 #1 Last Edit: 2019 Jun 19, 15:16:36 by chrome thunder
Defeating mobs (and lots of them) is the only way to increase your exp after you finish all of the quests. There's mobs that give 300+ exp, but are higher level. One way to do it is find a few other players of a higher level, and have a "grinding party" in the Everfree. These are a good way to knock out levels in short order. You only need to get to lv 30 to be able to use all armors. Also you can only increase your level using combat attacks (ground pound seismic buck, bubble barrage, stored strike, jeering shot, and adrenaline surge).

If you can't find anyone else, a good place to grind is the area to the right of the mushroom patch. There's a spot with some lv 23 hornets (and lv 35 manticores but they're harder to kill) that won't attack until provoked, so you can pick them off 1 at a time. They give around 250 exp each.

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