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Started by RainbowDash, 2012 Apr 29, 08:01:44

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I found many many many many bronies in the game but it's still in beta so i decided to make a post for the game "Firefall".
Just searchin who plays this.


Waiting on a beta key ono
I'm psyched for this game though, it sounds/looks like fun and the developers have a really cool vision for it.


I see what i can do for you Goldenrod


by the way give me your email so i can send you one


My email is right under my avatar silly :P


Yeah silly from me. I need your personal e-mail so red5 can send you an invatation.


I got in the beta the other day and have been playing a fair amount. It's fun, even though there's not much content right now; thumping is a pretty clever take on the standard MMO mining process, the exploration is kind of cool (and they seem to be planning to roll out content in a way that will keep that aspect meaningful even once the game has been out for a while, which is great), and there's something neat about random people being able to just drop in and help another player with a thumper or something if they feel like it. The shooting is solid (although none of the battleframes really fit my usual niche, which is disappointing) and it sounds like they've got some good ideas for how players interact with the world in future PvE content, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Tip for anyone waiting to get in the beta: right now they're not sending invites to people who signed up ages ago and never visited the site again (under the logic that those people aren't interested enough to actually give feedback and stuff), so if you log into their forums every now and then you'll have a much better chance of getting in soon.
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I saw it at PAX East 2011. Looked pretty cool. Might try it out someday.
Could've been something great. But ya' blew it... Ya' blew it.

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That's the same email I registered with, so it should work. >.<
If not I can give you my account page and you can try from there?


Can't you just post your email plz... like [email protected]


I was beginning to think you'd gone off and given the key away O:
Anyways, here you go
[email protected]

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