Post your Steam ID's here!

Started by Ozzy, 2012 Mar 19, 13:05:48

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FRIEND MEH!!!!!!!! if it's alright with you.  :P :D

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I'm always up for a Duck Game or two, or Dark Souls! Most likely any multiplayer games I have I'll play if I have someone to play with.


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I'm currently building a gaming PC so I can play more and do more, but I'm an avid gamer and I'd be happy to play, trade, join a group, whatever:


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If I find that I can trust you, I might send you my Skype, too.
Remember to, if possible, tell me you're from on here, so I know you're not some random person I don't recognize.
And yes, i still use Steam. I still play games on it, but most of the time, I don't like playing by myself.
So basically, I'm the kind of guy that hates being by themselves. I won't force you because of that, of course. I don't wanna come off as a bad person.



Posted my steam here already, but is anyone here on SteamGifts too? :D

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I gots about 30 steam friends :D Could always use some more!



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Not sure if this is a good idea, but whatever. Here's my profile:

Make sure that you say something about how you saw this on the forum so I know who you are.
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